Saturday, December 3, 2011

There and Back Again: A Buckout Tale

Once upon a time a young man, his wife, and 5 youngin's went to a far away land...

just kidding. I do feel like I could write a book about our own journey. Not just our journey to North Carolina, but the last 11 years plus of our marriage.

For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Cor 5:7

Since Sean's job situation has changed, we really began to questioned whether we wanted to stay in North Carolina or if God wanted us too. We have missed Oregon tremendously, but more than anything we want to be in the will of God.... Not running to and fro trying to find our "heaven here on earth". We have likened it to an endless 7 month family vacation. (Of course not a free one!) But honestly we expressed to the Lord we ready to be back "home".

Over Thanksgiving weekend we knew we could not keep waiting for every door to open "perfectly". Often we think of God handing us our desires (Psalm 37:4) on a silver platter without being tried or chastened in the process. He is a God of mercy and enduring love. He longs to teach us about Him and give Him glory not matter what our circumstances. This can take time much time, patience, surrender, tears, and even pain.

We have spent an entire month seeking and inquiring of the Lord (which is not long, but can certainly feel long). A few opportunities have arose, but none fully concrete. I was tossing and turning the other night, knowing He may just have a move on without a job, home, or money. But why?? That would be stupid. I don't want to be foolish and I certainly don't want to look like a fool. Sure enough God was speaking the same thing to my husband. Sean knew we had to make those steps to go back... in faith.  (Side note: It is amazing to see all God has done in my husband through this season. To walk with Christ while having a "normal" job and continuing to raise/lead his family was an entire new experience. To "practice what he preached" for so many years was put to the test here in NC without a doubt. Sean could have an entire other blog on the subject.)

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1 

Thus, the process started. We have dear friends in Oregon that offered their home to us for a few weeks while they are gone on vacation. It is our next holding spot. Our plan: get there, find a job, and a new home. What about all our belongings? What about the home we just purchased?

As of right now I sold our "big" couch.  And the dining room table. The piano is gone. The desk is gone. Chairs gone. Dressers gone. Tons of clothes gone. In a few days my all my dishes will go. We even drove our two kitties to a new home (an amazing answer to prayer). It is the biggest, most freeing purge of my life! We plan to only bring back a 12x6 uhaul trailer. We are happy unpacking will be nice and easy :-)

The biggest relief today was God provided a renter for our home that we are completely comfortable with! (((Deep breath)))).. It was such a blessing. I was afraid it would not happen BUT it did.

Now, with the weeks before us... We trust fully God will provide. How much more I am learning my expectation comes from Him alone. Sean has a possible job lead with a friends business, but besides that.. he be job and house hunting before and after Christmas. We are excited to be back in Corvallis, see friends and family again. We are excited to rest as a family. Rest in Gods hands. He is answering our prayers and our children are witnessing God goodness. They have their bags already packed for the road trip. They love hotel swimming pools. ;)

It is His plan for our lives. We have learned and will continue to learn so many life lessons. All in which, if the Lord tarries we will teach to our children.

Thank you for praying and pouring your love out to our family! Please continue to pray for Gods provision and employment for Sean. Of course too, for a new home ..before little Mordecai joins the crew! He has already captured his mommy's heart.

Much Love,


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