Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crochet Happenings @ 36 Weeks

Here is Mommy and Mordecai at 36 weeks. He is going to bless us with his presence soon! God is so good. I am happy to share Sean got a job at OSU today too! Thank you Lord!

quick web cam photo..thus the head cut off.

As often as I can I try to find some peace and quiet to crochet. I have been working on Mordecai's new blanket.. thanks to Grandma for purchasing the yarn :) I smile every time I think of holding him... can't wait!! Especially, since my oldest boy is 11 years old today (((deep breath)))).

Also, I am still working on this beautiful "Flowers in the Snow" blanket. I started it last April... whew. Getting closer to finishing! Only 11 more circles to make. Thank you to Bekah for inspiring me. It has been a fun project.  :)

Well, blogging time is over. 
(My kids are having a mandatory 40 minute quiet reading. I need to read to little Hadassah!)
Have a beautiful week! 


  1. now I feel a little less proud of my crochet hearts:) beautiful job...on the baby and the blankets:) xo

  2. Woohoo!!! Congratulations on the new job at OSU! We praise God with you!! AND Happy Birthday Mr. Elijah Buckout!!! Hope you have a wonderful fun blessed birthday!!
    Monica S.

  3. Praise God for the job, may it be a blessing to you all and satisfying to Sean (I still have a hard time not referring to him as Pastor Sean...). That flowers in the snow blanket is so, so beautiful. The joy of the Lord expressed in yarn.

  4. You look amazing J! And that blanket is beautiful :) Yay for the job!!! Miss you!

  5. beautiful crochet. i am jealous:)
    you are so cute, can't wait to hear all about your new little! xo

  6. and YAY for the job! praying continues, the lord is GOOD! xo



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