Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crochet Happenings @ 36 Weeks

Here is Mommy and Mordecai at 36 weeks. He is going to bless us with his presence soon! God is so good. I am happy to share Sean got a job at OSU today too! Thank you Lord!

quick web cam photo..thus the head cut off.

As often as I can I try to find some peace and quiet to crochet. I have been working on Mordecai's new blanket.. thanks to Grandma for purchasing the yarn :) I smile every time I think of holding him... can't wait!! Especially, since my oldest boy is 11 years old today (((deep breath)))).

Also, I am still working on this beautiful "Flowers in the Snow" blanket. I started it last April... whew. Getting closer to finishing! Only 11 more circles to make. Thank you to Bekah for inspiring me. It has been a fun project.  :)

Well, blogging time is over. 
(My kids are having a mandatory 40 minute quiet reading. I need to read to little Hadassah!)
Have a beautiful week! 


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