Friday, January 27, 2012

Homeschool "Too Many Hats"

The blog title comes from a devotional I read in 101 Devotions for Homeschool Moms.

She speaks of our roles expanding "exponentially" the more kids we have. Last week and the beginning of this week, were very hard days for me.  I have lost motivation to plan and teach my kids. Since August they probably have done about 3 weeks of "homeschool".  After trying to pick of the pieces and "restart" again, I felt has if I was sinking/ drowning (whatever you want to call it) and barley able to keep my head above water.  

I CAN'T homeschool 4 different grades while being 9 months pregnant and stay sain in the the process. I will spare you my drama story. I love teaching and it would be so easy if all my "students" where at the same level but they are not. 

So, back to considering public school I went. At least for the next 6 months wouldn't be so bad! I could teach Jason at home and prayerfully get the other kids at school by 8:15am. I opened my struggle slightly on Facebook and was very encouraged by many comments. The only sad thing was... besides two precious homeschool moms, those encouraging me were parents whose kids are public school (or those who have done both!) :-) Maybe those that homeschool think I was committing the "ultimate sin"! 
Just kidding. Either way I just found it interesting. I was blessed by the support.

So where did I land this time???

Sean and I had a REALLY good conversation about our family. And I mean GOOD. We realized with all of the moving our "vision" was lacking. God always puts me in position of complete weakness, when Sean realizes he better get his act together or it is not going to look good. This Mama was falling apart!! 

Sean shared with me (and the kids) his goals for our family. One, in which, was our children to be homeschooled. Was I upset? No. But, he realized I needed more support and help. 

NOTE: I have a friend who very much desired to homeschool and her husband did not approve. At the time I thought it was sad, but I have seen her heart to submit and honor him. They have been a very blessed family. The Lord has always used her as an example for me to follow.

This week Sean stepped up to the plate.. more than I could ever imagined! He sat down each child separately for a little "conference". He had an age appropriate check list for "what the should know" by their grade level. It should have been recorded. Their answers were adorable! 

Every morning this week he made a list (not scheduled by time) but things he wanted the kids to accomplish. Scheduled math time, certain books to read, different task with different siblings, certain things to look up on the computer, bible time or coloring....

Thank you Lord! In this season, the need was HUGE. I can say.. "Dad wants you to" or "lets finish before Dad comes home".  I also wrote down notes for him to read on how our day went. (what worked, what didn't , disciplinary moments, positive moments, ect.) He also has been correcting their math assignments every evening.

I know I am not alone. I love my husband. I love that he is aware of their education. His support means the world to me. Day by day.. by Gods grace.
my man

If you are interested in the devotional book, I am going to add it to my "Books I love" tab, but here is the link. This is my third time reading it ;-)


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