Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Crochet Stool Cover

Yet another inspiration from Pinterest. I love getting new ideas and trying them!
Especially with crochet :-)
Theirs was much cuter.

But without using a pattern I am happy with my results!

Great story: This is the ONLY piece of furniture we have had our entire 12 year marriage! In our first apartment, we had the dumpster below our window (great, I know) but there it was ready to be throw out... and we snagged it. Our first official dumpster dive! It is handmade and has survived "countless" moves. It is as sturdy as ever. If the people who threw it out only knew! ha!

Anyways, I have another stool that I am going to cover in browns, black and whites.
But maybe after baby. Unless he decides to chill in mom another week! 

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