Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Valentines Day & Game :-)

Thanks to a treat from our neighbor and Dad's quick thinking we had a fun little Valentines Day!

His grandmother used to play this string game at Christmas time. He suggested I use it for today and it was a blessing. It took me about 25 minutes to set up and I was quiet warm by the end. It took some effort not to get caught up in the string myself! The kids watched A Charlie Brown Valentine in my room while I set it all up. ( Note: Hadassah was asleep. It would NOT have worked with her up!)

They each had a color to follow and a little gift at the end!

the end result!

We had a simple lunch I confess: bp & j and goldfish (we did have apples and cheese earlier)! Part of Dads homeschool schedule today included also having soda ( he needs the two liter bottle for making a tornando with Jason) So.. we had a little soda too!
While they ate I read One Zillion Valentines.  Last night there was not many options left for Valentines books at the Library. A few to "romantic" ones. It was cute book. We skipped the History lesson this year!

What a better way to end our Valentines???? Have a baby. I hope.

Hope you had a beautiful day with your loved ones!

Curious about what we did last Valentines Day??? read here :)

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  1. LOVE the game! :-) It is neat continuing little games/traditions like that in the family.



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