Monday, March 19, 2012

Cloth Diapers & Giveaways!

I only wish I had invested in Cloth with all my kids, but oh well! Now is a better time than ever.

I recently became an affilate of Sew Is Your Baby. (Basically I can get a small sum if my advertising helps them in anyway. Worth a try for sure!) I won a Giveaway not to long ago and Hadassah got an adorable "giraffie" print diaper. She loves it to pieces, especially when it come out of the dryer all warm and cozy (you can see it pictured in the stack below). If you looking for a good quality brand check out their website below!! I currently ordered two more "star prints", this way Mordecai can wear them too. :) They have a ton of cute prints, wash well, and are super soft! Not forgetting.. they keep the bum very dry.
Siyb 300x250 pattern

Speaking of giveaways! I won the Sew Is Your Baby diaper from Cloth Diaper Contest & Giveaways. This time around they are giving away a Bums Up diaper... WHICH I am hoping to win! Unless that is, if you do! See the button link below or on my sidebar.

Well, baby is awaking from a nap.. time to go!


  1. I love winning cloth diapers! Congrats!! That giraffe diaper is very cute!

  2. Lovely post, mostly people always give more preference to cloth diapers because this know the advantage of cloth diapers and you also provide great info about such kind of diapers so thanks a lot diapers for babies



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