Monday, March 5, 2012

When I can't sleep

Growing Home

This past weekend I had the flu. In fact, all but two of us struggled with fever, aches, and pains. The younger ones dealt with throwing up (is their a politer word?). My husband bless his heart, after a very sleepless work week had to taking care of us all.

Both nights with a high fever and nursing brought me to my knees. Or at least in my head! I was recalling every verse possibly I knew.. asking God to heal and spare our family.

I can't be quoted on this, but I remember reading Ruth Bell Graham when having a restless night would go through the alphabet reciting the characteristics of God for each letter.

It has been a "go to" for me whenever I am struggling with sleep. Guaranteed I NEVER make it to the letter Z. :)

In my head it would sound a little like this..

Almighty God

Maybe this would be helpful for you?

"for He gives to his beloved sleep" Psalm 127:2

Growing Home


  1. Glad you are all feeling better. Love that idea and song! (and Ruth!)

  2. I love love love that idea and will start doing that! I've learned to ask God to bring people to mind when I'm laying awake so I put that time to good use praying. Or sometimes, I just lay there telling God how much I love Him. But coming up with 26 unique words to describe Him sounds lovely, too. :) Thank you for sharing. The Lord loves you so much, and I know it by all the ways He's taught you complete dependence on Him in all things, over this past year or so...He is making you a mighty woman of God!

  3. So sorry you have all been sick! I am thankful you are all feeling better. I agree with Rebekah - love this idea and the song too!

  4. thank you ladies. little by little we are feeling back to "normal" ... although still adjusting to the "new normal" with baby brother :) I am very happy not to be feeling so ill...



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