Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Daddy is Home Again!

Daddy, Hadassah and Baby Mordecai (8 weeks!)

I have no room to complain. There are many mothers and children out there that go countless days without Daddy due to work schedules.

Sean is fully aware and will do all possible to provide for his family. You think we could hear a pin drop every time we tell someone "Sean quit is OSU job"...Just because it is a "state" job one thinks he should keep it forever. Since January, Sean has been working two jobs and getting up before dawn. We are blessed by God's provision, but double-ly blessed now because his web design job went fulltime!
At Visual People he is in-training and becoming educated in computer language/ web design.  Some generations :) understand what a great education this will be if the Lord tarries. Especially when compared to his previous job.. doing food orders, inventory, and paper work required for an University Grocery Market!

A n y w a y s :).. Sorry for my little rant!

Why was I inspired to write this blog???

It was a joy to see little Hadassah need Daddy the moment she awoke! She cuddled and cuddled him at the breakfast table. I have forgotten what a blessing it is too have the kids see their dad in the morning. (Although he did make sure they were all up by 7:30am! em. em..)
Also I was super blessed he carried down all my laundry!!
Thank you hun!

God is always keeping us on our toes.. yet a new season, but for the better!

Hope you have a good week. Not sure how much blogging I will do, but keep in touch.



  1. I totally understand (because I can relate) to people that stay in a job just because it's secure, but obviously tech-related skills are great to have and it sounds like a great opportunity for Sean. I love that this company sounds like it's focusing on designing websites for small businesses. I can't tell you how annoyed I get when I want to find out more about a local business or restaurant and they don't have a website.

    1. thank you Robyn! spread the word. it is a GREAT company :).
      Are you still doing jazzercise??

    2. Not really. I went a couple of times in January/February, but it's hard for me to get there at 5:45pm. Lately I've been walking to work in the mornings (a peaceful 40 min stroll through cute neighborhoods while listening to an audiobook) or working out at home in the evenings with a DVD. I miss the old morning group a lot, but honestly I don't miss getting up that early! :-)

    3. I was asking bc I talked to martha and they need an extra class manager. if it works out, i can do it and save money on the cost of class;). I actually thought about teaching again, but it costs $500 to get my franchise back. yuck. maybe down the road if we have the money! it would be fun. I do miss all the people from early class. I am glad to be back in Corvallis.. i have the opportunity to run into them again. anyways.. have a great week!! :)

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  3. Some of the most uplifting words I've heard from people when I've vented weren't words of advice, they were things like "You've been through a lot," or "what you are doing is really hard." We are so reluctant to encourage each other like that, because then somehow we feel less-than by comparison...comparison...such a nasty thing. JuRita, let me just say, I don't honestly know how you do it - how you've done it for so many years, under so much pressure and uncertainty. You have sacrificed so much to be the stability for your family. I think you are doing a tremendous job, and I think God thinks so, too! When I get ugly with my kids, so often it has little to do with them and more to do with something I don't like about myself. I hope you are showing yourself the same love, grace, and mercy that God is. He loves you just as you are and where you are TODAY, in the mess! To quote One Thousand Gifts: Eucharisteo. Thanksgiving always preceeds the miracle. I am so thankful for each day at home. I am almost at 7 months unemployed and trying to avoid foreclosure...please pray for us to continue to walk by faith and not by sight!

    1. Thank you for sharing Heather. Your encouragement truly blesses my heart.. Just bought that book btw:) only read a little so far. Keep holding on to Jesus. You are doing a great job. We will pray!!



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