Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wii Play, Weekend Recap

Currently our Wii is broke (already!). We think a little someone, by the nickname "Nookie" put a little gift in the cd drive for us. Sean has to order a special screwdriver to disassemble the silly piece of plastic. Who knows why companies make it extremely hard to take their products apart?! I am thankful it is not something we purchased ourselves. (It was part of Elijah prize pack from the drawing contest he won, plus the TV)

Motee watching "boxing"

We had a beautiful Saturday enjoying rare Oregon 80 degree weather. Last time it was sunny on Easter weekend we climbed Bald Hill. This weekend we went to a rummage sale, I went for a run with our neighbors dog, the kids rode bikes (thank you to our dear new friends who blessed us!) and then since little one didn't want to sleep we had picnic dinner at our church's property. Something we NEVER took the time to do when Sean was on staff. It was a beautiful day to explore the trails around the property.
watching the Duggar's in Mom and Dads room

Can't believe we never did this hike before!

yes it was steep!

our home (above the garage!) as seen from the top of the hill

this is the next pic to be framed. makes sean and I take a deep breath

my boys, minus mordecai!

there is my little buddy

love seeing the kids work together

blurry but cute.

Tomorrow, we will just keep enjoying the sunshine while it lasts.
Have a blessed Sunday.


  1. love the full family pic and the girls are getting so big!
    Our Wii goes out from time to time, the first time it did it we thought it was broken for good but its actually a common problem. We just have to unplug it completely from the box and wall for 15 mins and plug it back and its good to go. Hopefull you can get yours back up and running!

  2. I remember that hike...I used to go up there when Aaron and I were first married:) Let us know when you head up our way! We would love to have you all over to eat and run and play and laugh and catch up!



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