Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

I haven't been hiding. Promise.
Although at times, I desperately want to hide in a quiet room (though i can't seem to find one!! erg.)

This week as flown by. I don't know what happened.

Spanish class, Art class, visiting Grandma, grocery store, meeting up with friends.. training for my 5k (which is tomorrow..ahhh!!)

Also, Lydia and I had an opportunity wed and thurs to earn some extra money cleaning a townhouse.  It was hard work. Yesterday afternoon I spent a couple of hours with baby in the ergo scrubbing down some else's cupboards, stove, refrigerator, ect. .. I know.. I know.. "Super Mom"
ha! NOT A CHANCE.  It was a learning experience for both of us. We both came home wiped out!!!

Thus, I am ready to have a good weekend enjoying my precious babies. I am beyond thankful to be a mother. 
D E E P   B R E A T H. 
By the grace of God I can keep plugging along. Will they really rise up and call me blessed? I hope.

My kids decided it was Mothers Day for me last week. I had a late night grocery run and I came home to cupcakes and decor (I still have the banner up in my kitchen).

It doesn't matter what day is Mother's Day, just that we show our appreciation and love as often as possible! (I LOVE YOU MOM! I still am your baby lamb!)

Have a good weekend friends!
btw: Please enter the giveaway and post below: I will pick a random winner tonight!


Lydia took these pictures for me to document! :)
 love it.

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  1. wowzers! i'm tired for you! we are all running tomorrow too...the fun run in silverton:) I plan on a relaxing slow jog/walk;)



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