Friday, May 25, 2012

Here's a Snippet of My Day

I am amazed how you can develop friendships with other Moms via blogging. You get little peeks into their lives and realize you are not alone in the daily grind.

Many times I wished there was not so much RUSH the day we left North Carolina.  We had a hotel reserved in West Virginia and silly me didn't think of calling earlier to cancel. We didn't leave till around 2pm and had an eight hour drive ahead of us. Not only did we miss the beautiful inland of NC because of darkness.. I missed an opportunity to meet Nikki and her beautiful family.
Just maybe (because we own a home in NC) we will be in their neck of the woods again. Maybe.

Anyways, she wrote a blog using these thoughts and I wanted to also (for my own enjoyment and hopefully yours). Guess, it's a glimpse into my life with six kids in an 850 sq ft home... above a garage. ;-)

Outside my window....
birds are chirping. the sun is actually shinning after 4 days or so and the cows at Bald Hill are making their way across the field... soon to be on someones dinner table.
i have the window open to kill any fowl smelling morning air in our bedroom

I am thinking...
I need to get in the shower. Although when I actually post this blog it will be in the afternoon, so please don't think i stayed in my pajamas till then.  Blogs are something I come back to through the day. 
I am also totally aware that my children are going to need much reminding today. Hadassah has found my ipod.. again.. good luck taking it away from her. She is already mad at it. Frustrated she can't do want she wants with it. Whatever that might be! Maybe use the lightsaber app.

I am thankful...
It is Friday and beautiful outside. (Or in our house we say, "yay! its the weekend!") Thankful even though my home is not huge... I have one. Thankful Mordecai falls asleep in his crib without much fuss and now at 11am I am going to shower.

I am wearing...
fuzzy black pants of course. a blue tank top with a white tshirt. running shoes so my feet don't hurt by the end of the day

I am hearing...
hadassah outside, someone is on the swings, lydia playing a wii ocean game (she is not listening to me. she is suppose to get off  and fold laundry) a noise maker left on in the kids room and elizabeth singing as she gets ready to do the lunch dishes.

I am remembering...
how i got really angry more than once this week because i was overwhelmed by the mess around me. today i am trying to keep my cool.
also, this time last year: we were on the biggest road trip of our life. probably in IL or OH. i am still in shock.

I am going...
to keep pressing on. not give up. continue to pick up the house, do laundry, vacuum and maybe make enchiladas for dinner.

I am reading...
random devotionals when using the bathroom.

I am hoping...
we can connect and have close friends (yes, a ex pastor and his wife have very few friends
i am hoping to be settled someday. 
i put my hope in christ and look forward to our eternal home.

On my mind...
i need to get off the computer and gentle remind my girls to get their chores done. they are balancing plastic bowls on their heads outside... now they have water in the bowls. what happen to folding laundry and washing dishes??? em em.

I am noticing...
the only thing clean in my house right now is the kids bookshelf. but hey.. at least something is!!!

I am pondering...
how my emotions can get away from me so easily!! erg.

Around the house...
there is laundry, a vacuum, bowls, shoes, pens.. you name it, it is on the floor. the house is quiet for now. elijah is reading. two babies are sleeping. i just ate a banana and the peel is on the desk next to me. which hopefully will end up in the trash before i forget.

Life in pictures...
this is how we fit six kids in one room:
baby is now in the crib, hadassah on the bottom bunk, and elijah on a futon in the loft:
no dresser. just clothes bin under the beds!

she always wants in the loft

lydia took this to show me her clean loft area. i don't go up there much!
 and yes they are as happy as ever. this is after one of the "show" perfermances
 watching new art dvd! giveaway soon.
its a great picture of what we call our "living room"
 Bee be chillin with moe
 jay lost his first tooth this week!
 dad at dinner ;)
 des eating ice cream. someone just left her on the counter. 
she was there for

life with photo booth
it usually ends in screaming and fights
so we don't do it often!
just found these photos today

 of course, i use it from time to time too ;) everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1Thess 5:18

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  1. Wow, that is one impressive bedroom your kids have! So lovely getting an insight into your life through your words and pictures. Thanks for linking in again with Things I'm Loving :-) Meg

  2. This was great JuRita! Thanks so much for your transparency. Sounds like my home! And we love those art videos. Don't find much time to do them, but they are fun.

  3. It's always great catching up with the Buckout clan and getting insight into how things are going. You sure do have a full house! Full of lots of love. I hope you and Sean are doing well.

  4. Thats a really cool idea, thanks for giving us the insight into your day



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