Saturday, May 12, 2012

My 5K for CARDV!

I finished my 5k race today! This year I had my darling six kids, daddy, and grandpa to cheer me on. I was positive I would be eating humble pie and was shooting for 32 minutes. (Seven minutes longer than last year.)  I was very please with my results : 28:54.09  , but have some catching up to do to beat my best time!

I definitely could tell there were more runners this year. I am happy for CARDV. I have seen myself as child what domestic violence can do to a family. I pray many woman are protected by the funds raised. 

For some reason.. I never posted this blog last year. :-/ I guess, in the midst of moving to the East Coast.. I never published it. Here is a snapshot from last year. I had NO idea I would be back in Oregon. God you are amazing! See below;

Before the Race
About two weeks before we moved I ran an awesome 5K race and it was truly amazing. My father, who used to be an avid runner, came down from Salem to cheer me on and watch me finish. I grew up doing the same for him and even ran a few "fun runs" myself.  Since a few of the kids were sick, Sean stayed home (bless his heart!) but Lydia and Elijah came along to support me. Although I think the fact that Grandpa brought donuts was the real reason! (wink, wink)

I must say I have NEVER had a better race. I made a play list on my ipod so I could zone out. Even put some uplifting music on about the 14 minute mark, which is when my brain wants to stop my legs. My plan was to zone out, but Jesus kept speaking to me the entire race...

some of my thoughts:

"you wouldn't be able to do this unless you spent time training, running every other day... you must train yourself in Gods word"

watching people cheer me on.. "I must let other men praise you and not yourself"

"I need endurance.... perseverance"

"I must worship you and keep looking ahead"

"my father will be at the finish line! there is an end!  In this spiritual race of life.. I get to see my Heavenly Father at the finish line!!"

I just kept running without thought... I saw my time at the finish line and was SO excited: Under 26 minutes, 58th place (out of 211)

5825:56Jurita Buckout
I couldn't keep quiet..WHOO HOO!!! I wasn't racing against anyone else, even had to grown men past me at the last seconds. I didn't care. I was so happy about my time!
Then I realized and was laughing.. my Dad did not get back in time from the toy store with the kids!!

I was so blessed by my race, I did not mind at all. I told him I was shooting for 28 minutes and I over shot. I was handed a rose for being a Mommy (yes, I had to tell her i had 5 kids) then I saw my kids with Grandpa running up to me bummed that they didn't see me finish.

I was overwhelmed (in tears) on my ride home because the reality hit me again this time hard: my Dad does not share my faith in Christ unto salvation. He may not be at this end of the race.... no!!!!! I prayed fervently, "God please reveal Yourself to him. He missed me finishing.. I don't want him to miss it again. I DON'T WANT HIM TO MISS YOU. In this life or the life to come..."

I love you Dad!

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