Thursday, May 31, 2012

You know 8 people live in 850 sqft when...

  • you see every mess that is made from anywhere in the house
  • you hear everything; fight, conversation, sneeze, bodily function.. you name it!
(as I type, it is "take me out to the ballgame" and the sewing machine going a little to fast)
  • thus, mom yells, "QUIET! / SHHHH" a million times a day
  • there is one clothes closet and it is the "master" bedroom
  • you have shower curtain covering the glass shower doors "just in case" you are not the only one in need of the bathroom
  • you find one or two tooth brushes left by the kitchen sink
  • there is always at least one person 25ft from you at all times
  • six children share one room 
  • you cover the coffee pot every morning with a big blanket so the beeping does not wake up the entire house
  • noise makers are a MUST for sleeping
  • laundry will -no matter what- be piled in the living room till folded
  • hear the words "hey! i am changing in here!!!" often
  • mom is constantly overwhelmed and in need of Jesus

Ok, my disclaimer: God is good. There are millions of people who would consider my living circumstances pure luxury. Shouldn't I do the same? We are warm, clothed, and have a roof over our head. I often have questioned how much one truly needs. Sometimes I wish I would have never experienced even living in a large home. I know I need my sanity, but that should be found in Christ! I have all I need in Him. Why can't my brain understand that??

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. wow...ju-rita, you are always inspiring!

  2. On Ann Voskamp's website, there's a tab called "free gifts for you." Right now when I try to look at the list it goes *behind* the video she has posted on there! But maybe after her next post you'll be able to see the whole list. Anyway she has a printable on there called "a parenting manifesto of joy" that I have printed and put on my fridge. Every time I read the list I'm inspired and convicted - things I CAN do, and things I'm NOT doing, to be a better mom! They're really unique suggestions. We are 4 people in 1000 s.f. and that seems tough at times with only one "living area," because esp. when it rains that's really where we all spend our time. I often consider buying a daybed and sleeping in the living room just to free up my bedroom for living space...I can't believe how squished you guys are!! But there is a purpose in it and it is GOOD. Blessings, Heather Harwood

  3. I have Doug Stone's old song "Little Houses" on my ipod just to remind me..."Love grows best in little houses, with few walls to separate..." It's a sweet song!



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