Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pinterest Experiments {nailed it!}

Gotta love Pinterest, 
things don't always turn out peachy keen like one would hope.

Here are my experiments. 
(I wish I had pictures of each one. Let me know if you've had better success!)

SUCCESS! awesome for a small bathroom
found one at goodwill today even prettier than the picture.

 FAILURE. too hard to pull out.

 FAILURE. it kind of worked 
but my picture was still crooked.

 MAYBE a SUCCESS. i was rushing my bread 
and threw it into the oven to finish.
 FAILURE. i will try it again.
i think my cream cheese was too warm.

 SUCCESS!! my family loves these
cheaper than granola bars

 FAILURE AND SUCCESS. two tries for this one.
i cooked it on too low of heat at first

 SUCCESS. much easier than meatballs.

 FAILURE. it stuck to the pan. maybe i didn't grease it enough

 SUCCESS. for your patient child. 
elizabeth did it all on her own.

 SUCCESS. just wish i had the mula to buy the 
quick popsicle maker! i bought some at the dollar tree

 SUCCESS! perfect evening project with dad

 SUCCESS if you are not a perfectionist.
lydia worked on these :)
she made them into dolls ;)

 SUCCESS. i LOVE my baby bath

 FAILURE. not fit for my body shape

 SUCCESS. great shoes, but already have holes on the sides.

 SUCCESS. found a tin just like this at goodwill
it has been on my table since

you can see it in this random pic
actually the crayon art too!

 SUCCESS. love my rug in the making!!

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my count could be wrong.
not to shabby. 
i will keep pinning!
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