Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hide Veggies in 20 Meals/Desserts!

(avocado puree pic above)

ok. I must give credit were credit is due:
all ideas for this list were provided by the book 
"Deceptively Delicious" by Jessica Seinfeld

I absolutely love the idea providing essential vitamins and minerals in meals for my children without seeing them throw up at the dinner table. YES! This has happened. Yuck. This little project does not in anyway take the place of serving and trying our veggies, but helps my children swallow it without knowing ;-)

After reading the book I wanted to compile a quick reference list for myself on what types of pureed vegetables work best with our daily 'normal' foods.   For example I would have never thought of added pureed cauliflower to our scrambled eggs in yesterdays breakfast! (shhhh... this time around i did not mention any secret vegetable. lol! maybe next time!)
Everyone ate up with delight!

(note: please read Jessica's book for wonderful recipes, especially if  your own home recipes do not suit the taste of puree veggies. Also it will provide reference when you need the specifics of cooking/steaming or baking the vegetables.)

Now for the list:
add 1/4 cup ~ 1/2 cup of veggie puree
1. french toast- multiple options: bananas,sweet potatoes, carrots squash or pumpkin
2. muffins- squash or carrots
3. banana bread- cauliflower or carrots
4. pancakes- sweet potatoes or beets (pink pancakes)
5. scrambled eggs- cauliflower or spinach (green eggs) 
6. meatballs- sweet potatoes
7. 'egg' coating on breaded chicken- broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes or beets
8. burgers or meatloaf- carrots
9. beef stew- broccoli
10. pizza sauce- spinach, carrots or broccoli
11. spaghetti sauce- spinach, carrots or broccoli
12. deviled eggs- cauliflower or carrots
13. quesadillas- squash with the cheese
14. sloppy joes- sweet potatoes or red peppers
15. taco soup- carrots and/or red peppers
16. brownies- both spinach and carrots!
17. chocolate pudding- avocados
18. donuts- pumpkin or sweet potatoes
19. spice/carrot cake- broccoli, carrots, cauliflower
20. hot cocoa- sweet potatoes

These is just an idea list! You can really get creative and see what works with your own family meals. (like adding cauliflower to mash potatoes). 
Please let me know what other combinations you discover!
here are a quick snapshot of two of my purees:
purees can be frozen in 1/4 or 1/2 cup servings.
i also used ice cube trays to freeze and then store cubes in baggies. 
perfect for when mordecai is eating baby food!

even though it is thursday; here is a link up!

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  1. Love some of her ideas in that cookbook! I've made the little pizza's with spinach. My kids didn't even know it was spinach. Brilliant!

  2. Squash in mac and cheese! It's on my blog :-)

    Love these ideas, especially the green eggs (and ham) and pink pancakes (I'm thinking this one would be fun on Valentine's day).

    I really hope my kid doesn't turn out to be a picky eater like I was but regardless it's always good to add extra veggies to everything, because it's even hard for me to eat enough sometimes.



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