Sunday, July 1, 2012

Momma's Mission {June Update & July's Goal}

Mission of the Month

My mission for June was to take more time to read and study the Word of God.

I have been in a tired, unmotivated funk when it comes to reading the Bible.

I would  love to tell you that I awoke every morning diligently ready to meet with Lord and spent hours listening, reading, and seeking Him..... but: I didn't it.

I did print and finish( yay!) Pursing God: Lesson 1.
Also watched the corresponding study given at Harvest Christian Fellowship. See below :)

(I even thought about blogging each chapter I study, but I honestly need to spend less time on the computer. Don't we all? Facebook, Pinterest, Blogging, Email, Twitter. I barf at how easily Satan can pull us away from the daily tasks God has called us too. It takes self discipline and self-control not to get sucked into a screen world, ehem ehem...which I have not mastered by any means! 
Speaking of 'screens': Two weeks ago after church we made a quick stop Market of Choice for lunch. I stayed back in the van because the baby was asleep. My wonderful husband had no problem taking the eager other 5 with him! Thus, I sat in the front seat watching Oregonians soak up the sunshine. I admit I love to people watch.  One family caught my eye. First I saw the Mom. Curly hair. Tall shoes. Probably not a dress I would wear. Oh, she is with her kids and husband. She was walking about 4 ft in front of them. Two cute boys and what appeared to be an athletic husband trailing behind. Definitely had money. The kids seems happy and the parents just looked disconnected. How sad I thought. They sat down in the outside eating area. Then my heart broke. Without speaking much to their two little boys whose ages were about 4-6 and without speaking to each other BOTH got on their phones. Finger sliding.. texting ext. Oh my goodness!!! The boys grew antsy after 5 minutes or so... One child actually walked  away, testing to see if his mom would say something. Still went the sliding fingers.
What a reminder to me!!!! And a sad reminder to what this society has come too!!! I couldn't help to think of the Mom wholet go of her baby's stoller years back in the subway to text/call someone.
Anyways -that was a rant. But it was a good reminder of priorities. Is my priority the word of God? Am I disconnecting from my kids because of the 3g network? Or disconnecting from keeping my home in order because of Facebook updates. How are other people watching me? Am i a godly example?)

I started putting together my Childs Training Bible a few days ago. And oh my goodness.. taking the time to highlight the scriptures was melting my heart for Jesus! The beauty of the scriptures!
He has the answer to every struggle we face. Every struggle our children face. I look forward to hosting the review and giveaway for ya all soon!

What mission should I set for July?

  • Definitely continue pursue God in His word.  Maybe finish two lessons this month?
  • I want finished the putting together the Child Training Bible and start incorporating it into my parenting.
  • I also want to continue reading Heaven for Kids by Randy Alcorn. I started reading it out loud to them last week. Such rich discussion :)
  • And last but not least (i know you are reading this Sean!!) :-) continue reading 1 Samuel with my husband!!! we can do it by Gods grace..even when we would rather turn on the tv! "we can do it..its the best.. i lovvvve it" (Nacho voice) 
Do you feel compelled to join us with a mission? It can be as simple as one project or ten!

Mission of the Month


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  1. Thank you for being honest and real JuRita. I really want to order that Bible for training the kids (and us!) are you doing a giveaway/review soon?



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