Monday, July 30, 2012

{part 1} Our Transition: Homeschool to Public School

{{Sorry about the long title. The creative juices were not flowing.
I have labeled it "Part 1" because the story could be 2 part or 200 part. Time will tell.

I wanted to tell my story because I know many Moms will face the same decision. I searched the blogging world on the subject about a year ago and did not find much. 
I am going to be real. 
I am going to honest. 
I pray you will not judge me. 
I pray you will pray for me. 
I pray you are blessed.
Unfortunately, there are people who feel homeschooling is the only way. By sending our kids to school we are choosing not to educate them ourselves. I beg to differ. Which is not my point in writing this blog. I will be writing to hopefully encourage others, encourage myself (as an outlet), and let people who are just plain curious about The Buckout Family have their fill.}}  Here goes.

August is almost here, just around the corner. We have decided (unless i totally freak out and can't do it) put our kids in Public School this fall. Jason will be a first grader, Elizabeth third grade and Lydia fifth. Elijah may take a few classes at a Middle School, but that is still undecided. The school office opens August 8th. We will register and they will find out who their teachers will be August 23rd.

Last week I spent every day getting them out the door for VBS by 9am. Which is a huge accomplishment for a homeschool mom! For the most part everyone was put together (except Hadassah and I were usually still in our pajamas). "This is kind of like what school will be like," I was reminding myself and the kids daily. But oh my goodness! My biggest fear last week? How in the world will we manage the bus at 7:35am? I have already convinced myself I might be driving them because it will give us almost an extra 40 minutes.

So, why in the world have we made this decision?? Well, that cannot be answered in one sentence. It is right for this season of life. Will we make it all year? I hope. I am not telling the kids, but for sure am going to encourage them through the first grading period, which I think is Christmas. They are excited and curious. One of my daughters even asked if it was ok to be excited! Of COURSE!

We tend to "cookie-cutter" ourselves when it comes to having a large homeschool families, instead of truly realizing every family is unique. Many homeschool moms I know this year are doing Co-Op Classes, Charter Classes, or Classical Conversations and (in my case) Public School Classes. May I add: I still consider myself a homeschool mom! Hadassah will be learning daily and of course Elijah will be home with me most of the day too.

Good news, even at Vacation Bible School last week Lydia got to share with a little girl. Lydia told us she didn't want to befriend a girl because all she was talking about was "crushes and boys". Lydia was not comfortable. I completely understood.We did not encourage a friendship, but kindess. Lydia responsed "I think I am going to talk to her about it.." and she did. The little girl got the point and was not offended.

Oh the stories to come. We shall see what awaits us in this new world.


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