Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Snippet of My Life.. again :)

Outside my window...
grey, blue and white clouds above a farm hill. no animals out today. pretty and still. symbolic of my life.

I am thinking...
i am tired. who will do swim lessons with hadassah tonight? mom or dad? my ankles feel like they are falling off. a 5 mile run, laundry and taking the kids to a park.. the feet are a little weary.

I am thankful...
for a new very part time job. it will help bring in some more income. thankful we also have a year warranty on our house in north carolina. the ac went out on the poor renter. hopefully the builder or someone will pay.

I am wearing...
tank top and shorts. really not an important statement. thus, tennis shoes too. my ankles go numb if i wear flip flops all day.

I am hearing...
mordecai playing on the floor and woody woodpeckers "eha eha eha haaaaa" for the most part it is pretty quiet.

I am pondering...
oh, life. i need to keep plugging along! oh, i do desire to make godly decesions. i want to be filled with the spirit more.

I am reading...
an ASL phrase book, that is- whenever i use the restroom.

I am wondering...
how much i should try to get done before i pick up lydia from camp catnip.

I am hoping...
this transition to public school goes well!!! i want to pour into my kids all the more. read to them. hug them. love them.
i am also hoping hadassah gets out of her screaming funk. oh, yeah. she is two.

On my mind...
time to get movin'! a nice little break day is over.

Life in a few pictures...
close up

our new fav past time- pickin blackberries

eating the berries

new dance suit from auntie wendi

brothers and the wii

my children have such cool art
by elijah
by lydia

inspired by nikki
an amazing fun loving mother of 11

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