Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dess!

My little Hadassah turned two a few days ago!!
I forgot baking powder in my cake and had no candles... Yet there is never a reason not to celebrate her gift of life! We used matches and ate the cake anyways (or at least half).

She loves to sing, dance and play. Her favorite song: LA LA LAAAA (literally.) It is so cute.
Although she does not have a huge vocabulary, she will hold her own and let you know what she needs.
We are working on those two syllable words.
Her curls are here to stay, but pony tails don't stay in for long.
She loves meat, noodles, and beans. I even don't bother giving her bread with sandwiches anymore.
She love getting 'sweet cream' aka: Zoi Yogurt in ice cream cones.
Oh, I would love to type more but she just awoke from her nap.. and woke up her little brother.
Our precious "Texas Two!"

Here are a few fun snapshots from her bday party!
can you see the matches???lol

yes. my eyes are closed, but my kids are too cute.

 sean politely let me know. so i opened them. ha!
big sis showing her how to use her new guitar.

In Him,

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  1. Happy Birthday Hadassah! She sounds very much like Olivia :)



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