Monday, August 20, 2012

{Part 2} Our Transition: Homeschool to Public School

The countdown has begun! 

On August 8th we official registered three of my babies for school. As I did the paperwork they toured the halls with Daddy. :D After I was finished, we did the tour again- all together. It was fun to look in the classrooms and survey the teaching style of different teachers. As a homeschool parents Sean and I immediately noticed their organization, what kinds of manipulatives they use, posters, ect. I encouraged Lydia we were right on track (and judging by the posters) she would have no problem or might even be ahead educationally.

Overall the school was big for a town of 4,600. For some reason I like the fact the halls were WIDE. Silly, but it made me feel more comfortable. We saw the music room, cafeteria, and gym. Excitement, excitement, excitement. My kids were making so much noise in the halls.... Sean said, "wait till there are 30 first graders in here! 

Emotionally I am doing really well with the entire process. Only a few very small bumps in the registration process.
  • I did have to sign the "religious waver" on their Vaccine chart (No, we do not get Vaccines. Lydia has not received any since she was about two. I think Elizabeth had a few, but I have been done with them for years. Technically not for religious values, just believe they are not healthy for my kids.
  •  I also checked off they would not see the school nurse for regular checkups (they can call home) and they are not allowed to see PG movies at school.
  • The only other thing which caught be off guard was the school supply list! Oh MY GOODNESS. I am dreading the cost factor. What happened to days of simple pencil boxes, scissors and crayons?  Everything from wipes, kleenex, sharpies (i am sure that is not for Jason!), "reams" of paper, Ziploc bags... you name it. It was on there! Ha!
I got an email from a mom encouraging me to stick with Homeschool and not give up, but honestly we know this is right for this season. This year only. Next year we don't know where we will be living. Our living circumstances are very tight (if you haven't heard!). Only 850 sqft. We all are going to benefit from the change of pace and space. Never thought in a million years I would take this route, but  the best thing: I don't feel like I am failing. We have a peace and Lord willing it will be smooth sailing.

The girls are thrilled because on August 23rd we will get to see who their teachers will be, meet their bus driver, and pay a media fee of $15 (have no clue what that is for... and I hope the cost is not per student!) Jason is pretty laid back about everything. We still haven't went to the middle school for Elijah. We'll see. More to come soon!


  1. I know those school supply lists can be very overwhelming. I'm a teacher and they surprise me too :) There are a variety of strange things that can happen with those supply lists so just ask your child's teacher what they really need. Definitely don't send them to school empty handed but you can send them with just the basics like pencils, paper, tissues... The teachers will be so happy if you ask. I know when I first started teaching I realized that I didn't even have a say in the school supply list and I ended up with an entire cabinet of Ziplock bags that I had no idea what to do with. Also teachers tend to have items that they've collected over the years, but for some reason the supply lists don't get updated. Hope that helps you out a little. Happy School Shopping!

  2. I met up with a lady the other day who told me to go down to Vina Moses for school supplies. She said they give you a backpack with supplies and a shoe voucher. Might be worth checking out. I know I have been following a lot of couponing blogs and have got a bunch of stuff that way.



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