Sunday, August 26, 2012

{Part 3} Our Transition: Homeschool to Public School

For ya all catching up on this new transition.. read Part 1 and Part 2.

Well, my boy is growing up before our eyes. I am in constant shock when I see him. Today I ran (he rode his bike) the 2.7 miles to the Middle School and back. We have not registered, but are thinking he is going to take 3 classes at the end of the day. Either he will ride his bike or I will take him after lunch. Sean picked up the forms and info on Friday! wow.

Elijah is VERY excited about the possibility of taking a Science class. Makes sense because I haven't covered much in my homeschool curriculum! He absolutely loves reading the about the Table of Elements. (Personally it was my least favorite subject. I took the credits needed in High School and was done with it! blah.) Elijah has an amazing memory though and will do very well. We are also considering Langauge Arts and Social Studies/History.

Let me just say today when we were heading back home.. 
I had a major "mommy moment". 
I let him go waaaay ahead.. out of sight. He must have gotten home about 15-20 minutes before me.
I thought of when he was a baby. Now, he is becoming a young man. I realized even letting him go ahead on the bike was symbolic of letting our children go little by little. Trusting they can make it home and God will take care of them. sniff. sniff...

So, this week we meet with a Middle School counselor. This mamma has lots of questions!

Registration day went great for the younger kids. For sure our Buckout name is already floating around the staff. I got "oh, yeah thats right.. where are you from again?" and "wow 3 kids you are busy!" hee hee :D

I did not like buying school supplies, but tried to stay positive and not stressed out. We only forgot 3 items.. with a grand total of $51.75. I am taking a new blogging friend's advice on simply asking the teachers what the need before buying the bandaids, kleenex, wet wipes, and ziploc bags. She was a school teacher and ended up with way more baggies than she knew what to do with.

The next big date: SEPT 6th! We meet the teachers and drop off our school supplies. Whoo hoo! The girls are thrilled and giddy. Jason says.. "I want to be in school right now". I am getting nervous for them.. in a fun way. The big question: Do you think I will cry??????? ;)


this summer when my dudes went camping with dad. 
mud on the arms to repel mosquitos.


  1. So proud of you! It's hard and fun at the same time seeing are guys/gals get so big! I was helping Isaac put together his supplies for school today and it was kind of fun and exciting for both of us. Still a bit scared but I am trusting that this will be a good thing.

    I think the hardest thing for me is getting over my own feel of failure. I wrote that and then I just thought how funny that was. I don't consider you a failure. I can't say I have thought of anyone that way who has made a different schooling decision. But, we are always hardest on ourselves.

    God Bless you Sister for speaking out and doing the hard things.

  2. I couldn't find an email address but I wanted to thank-you for the pretty blue mug and yummy tea from the Mug Swap! [kristi]

  3. I know I will cry! We all must get together again soon. We all keep saying..."The Buckouts are so fun!"



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