Friday, August 17, 2012

These Make Me SMILE

Things I am loving...
I had such a precious moment with Hadassah when all the kids were at Creation Camp a few weeks ago. I made her playdough. It was just her and Mommy time when Mo was asleep. Yes, I finally taught her how to "roll" dough into a snake. We also worked on learning a few letters at lunch time! 

I still want to write a blog on how we make it work. 
Up here. Above a garage. Two bedrooms and six kids. 
Here is Seans new "office" when he works from home. In our "closet". 
HA! O my goodness Lord.. you can do all things
Last year (approx Aug 20th) here we were goofing off in NC. 
Can you see Sean holding the box on my head? 
Little did we know the following week would be Hurricane Irene. I have to make sure I continue to enjoy the adventures we have been on. Seeing it in pictures can be overwhelming. I guess, wherever God has us- we have fun!
Here is Hadassah sporting her hat ;-)
What are you loving this week?

Believing In HIM,

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  1. Wow....still amazed by your ability to smile through the adventures life has thrown you...but I know's because we know that He is Good!



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