Sunday, September 23, 2012

{just a glimpse} Mercy Triumphs- Week Two

I am still pressing on. His word does not return void.
My heart is not to make this yet another check off my "to do" list and feel proud because I accomplished something. Writing out the book of James, taking to heart each word of this study and pondering its application -personally is challenging me.

Here are a few thoughts from this week:
"Consider it joy when you fall into various trials..." really?
As Beth put it, "(trials) can strip us, beat us up, abandon us, and leave us half dead.." Then she asked us to identify the pressing personal trial in our lives today.
It is hard to write. Honestly it is my home. Our family longs to have more space.
We are more than grateful of God's provision and a thankful for the gracious family who has opened their home, but after 16-17 moves.. my heart longs for rest. If you have read my blog (or this guest post) or know me personally, this is an on going "trial" in my life..

this week I got a glimpse of understanding.
A glimpse of His purpose in it all.

"If anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask God who gives to all liberally without reproach.."
How healthy it is to ask for wisdom! Asking for wisdom in bigger trials even down to "oh, lord what should i make for dinner?" It has helped me this week for sure.

I have struggled with understanding the changes that have taken place in our life these past 2 years.
Reality is I am learning the true value of richness in CHRIST.  I am reminded so often how little our brothers and sisters in Africa materially have and yet I choose to complain over trying to stay organized in such a small space! Lord, let me have the beautiful wisdom of seeking first the kingdom of God!! .. and all these things shall be added.

Just a glimpse ..that there is no need to desire to be rich. There is no need to want a perfect house here on earth. ".. so the rich man will fade away in his pursuits"
But the next verse: "blessed is the man who endures temptation.."
Oh, the temptation to want a home of my 'own'! (But Lord, we own one in NC!) To wanting a second bathroom! To wanting a linen closet! To wanting a garden of my own to cultivate for years! To WANTING TO KNOW what is next in my life.

I have Christ. I have a husband. I have six beautiful children.. "every good and perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of Lights.."
I am starting to see what those good gifts are.... and understanding good gifts can come in the form of trials. If we only wait to see the unfolding of His hand.

There was eye opening activity  in this study:  divide my age by four and within each 8 year time slot (yes, I am 32!) write down what "gifts" God has given. Many of the experiences I wrote in those years were major trials... now they are gifts.

Just a glimpse Lord that soon this season will be yet another gift. Thank you for wisdom. Thank you for moments of peace. Let me slow down and listen to you more. Amen.

Looking forward to reading what blessed you this week!


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