Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mama's Mission Continues...{i am not a beth moore fan}

I skipped sharing what my mission was last month.
It didn't change from July: The WORD of God.

Recently, I have been grieved of my lack of devotion. Well, grieved for the past few months. The sad part is I can see it affecting how much I am reading to my kids too.
I want to read and poor into them all the more with this new season of life we are starting.
Shame on me if I don't. I have no excuse.
I try to excuse reading to them because I haven't been reading myself.
If I read to them I will hear the word too.
Want to know how desperate I am?
I am going to do a Beth Moore study. I said it.
If you know me well enough (I am assuming you don't) I am not a Beth Moore fan.
Sorry to burst your bubble if you are. I have always come to the conclusion when doing her studies- I don't like my "bible time" to be spent reading "Beth Moore thoughts".
Ahhh...  my pride.
Not to mention, even my daughter saw a video of hers and asked, "why is that lady yelling so much?"
She is passionate to say the least.

So with that being said...My bible time is pretty much non existent right now. Why not try Beth Moore again.

Are you in the same boat? Do you want to be part of a study with me? I am open to meeting up locally.
I will be joining Beautifully Rooted for online updates.
Thanks to Carly and Heather for opening this up.
We'll see how I do!

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Peace and love,


  1. I absolutely LOVE Beth Moore and I am so glad to hear you are doing a study. Mercy Triumph's hasn't been one of my favorite ones but I think it might just be my place in life right now. I love her passion and zeal for the Word of God.

    I was really hoping the post would have at least something positive to say with such a negative title and I was overly surprised and almost fell out of my chair as I quickly skimmed the post to find you were doing a study. LOL

  2. I have been in the same boat with my personal devotional time Jurita! I love your transperancy on here, thank you for sharing. I hope your Bible study, even if it is a Beth Moore study, is fruitful ;)) (I personally haven't gleaned a ton from her, and I have so much more just enjoyed studying the word itself vs. doing "studies")



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