Monday, September 17, 2012

Mercy Triumphs- week one

If you read in my intro post, I am not a Beth Moore fan. I knew starting this study would be challenging for me. It was very hard to get my homework done daily. I used to be a pro at getting up and reading the word. I am saddened when I look at old journals.. thinking.. I used to be so close to the Lord back then. I will press on. I pray I can get to bed earlier to make this easier. We shall see.

I am joining some other ladies online at Beautifully Rooted and hope to complete the book of James in 7 weeks. Beth Moore encouraged us to make a commitment level (I circled 3 and 4) Here are my thoughts on each:
1. Watch Videos (sorry Beth. these cost 3.99 in audio and are an hour long... I did listen to the first one. maybe i will do this every other week)
2. Complete Homework (yes! i must try)
3. Handwrite James (yes!! looking forward to this week when we start studying the book.)
4. Read Articles her daughter wrote (yes!.. i love more historical insight)
5. Memorize James (i am positive I won't do this.. maybe I will chose a couple of verses or become so familiar with it .. it happens naturally.)

I very much enjoyed this first week. I have study the book of James many many times. It was a nice introduction to remembering WHO wrote this book. There are more than one James in the New Testament. Not to be confused with James, the brother of the apostle John, who was martyred early on. It was also very interesting to ponder .. this James who wrote this book was Jesus brother. Talk about family dynamics.

So ladies.. what commitment level did you take?
Looking forward to linking up and reading your posts!
It is not to late to join.

"who once were not a people but are now the people of God, who had not obtained mercy but now have obtained mercy." 1 Peter 2:10

Thank you Lord! Have a blessed Monday.


  1. hey! :) i'm doing the study too and have committed to 4 levels - and MAY try to memorize the book of James... right now I have a LOT of free time, as my husband is deployed and in Afghanistan and I do not have a full time job so that I can be ready to move around with him when the time comes... I'm currently staying with my sister and her family - they have 2 daugthers 2 and 4 and i'm their "live-in-nanny" which takes up some time but i definitely have tons more free time than most people. :) excited to hear more from you about your journey through the study :) i will be praying you are able to be diligent to seek the Lord each morning & that it changes you and refreshes you!


  2. I never really thought about who James was, other than the brother of Jesus. I loved the background that Beth shared. I'm thinking of going all in, memorizing the whole book. That is daunting, even in Bible college I never memorized anything that big!

  3. I know there are some who just don't jive with Beth but I think it's awesome that you're still on board. I know God will bless you no matter what level you choose for this study.

  4. jurita, so thrilled you're along for this crazy trip through james. always a blessing! loved hearing your thoughts. xo



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