Saturday, September 15, 2012

My 7th month old Sweetheart.

Mordecai is an awesome son. What more could I ask for? Look at those blue eyes and gushy cheeks. I want to eat him!!!!
His personality is just starting to shine through in our little family. He wants to be part of the all the action.
He is not sitting up yet, but he is movin. He moves around by arching his back and looking over his head! What a silly boy. None of my kids have done this.
He also loves to hit. Hit and make noise. (Not sure if this will be a good thing!) Magazines, paper, plastic bottle.. great toys, I know. I will usually yell, "find something for Mo to play with!"
He is a typical boy who loves to eat and loves to sleep.  There is maybe only one time a month he actually gives me issues going to bed. After six kids, sleep is irrelevant for mom. I am more laid back too!
Thank you Jesus for this little gift of life! You are the giver of life.

In His grace,

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