Tuesday, September 4, 2012

{Part 4} Our Transition: Homeschool to Public School

Last night and this morning was considered "practicing for school".

Not sure if other Public School Parents do this.. but we certainly need it. YIKES.

What we did:
Set out our clothes last night. Even Hadassah (she picked out 3 shirts)
Got in bed by 7:45 (reading)
The younger were asleep by 8:30. The older by 9pm. Although I think Elijah was up till 10pm.

The Goal: To have everyone up at 7am.
This kind of happened. I managed to get up, shower and feed the baby by 7:10.
(I always feel sorry waking my kids up. Homeschool we awoke when we wanted. BUT public school does not start at our leisure. This is important. Schedule. Routine. Must. Be. On. Time. .. Is that possible with a family of eight???)

Anyways, we faired pretty good. I didn't make lunches.. because its practice right?
Everyone besides Elijah was up by 7:20.
Cinnamon and sugar was left all over the counter and table, which is very normal.
We also had them make their beds and avoided any toys.
They were suppose to do their morning chores, but as I type this they are all outside playing. :D
Elijah has his new watch on and will be doing a practice ride with Dad down to the school.
Orientation is today for him, but I am still waiting on a call from the school to find out how much he will be a part of it...

Jason quietly worked on this art before he went outside with his siblings.
He said, "it is so I remember that he loves me when he is at school" 
(it is our family, a big "B", a sword for Jesus and a shining light)
Jason I will think about you all day. I love you.


  1. i considered homeschooling Emilee, but she actually requested to go to public school's and so far she love's it. she is making friends everyday! the kiddos will love school. and you will enjoy a quieter home ;0)



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