Friday, September 7, 2012

{Part 5} Meeting the Teachers

may 2008- butterfly house, st. louis

Yesterday, I felt like our jump into public school is all the more official. While most of the area schools have started, ours begins in just 3 short days. (inhale jurita.... now exhale.)

There are many emotions I don't know where to begin. Thankfully I don't have a huge knot in my stomach. You know when the holy spirit is telling you otherwise and you better listen? Well, I am at peace. I thank the Lord for His perfect peace. It is surpassing my understanding.

I am trusting God has placed my children specifically with each teacher and seated them by certain children for a reason. Those teachers and children will be in our prayers ALL YEAR no doubt.

We met Elizabeth's 3rd grade teacher first. Bless little Bee's heart. It was all I had hoped for her! A bubbly friendly face awaited her. She is a sensitive little girl and needs an encouraging presence in her school experience.  We even went back at the end of the day.... Elizabeth begged us to say goodbye and she stole a quick hug from her. Precious.

Lydia my dear 5th grader was next. Her teacher is a "Mr", but I think it will suit her well. He was very laid back, not overly excited (just chillin as kids came in.. a little conversational).  Word has it my kids are new students from North Carolina. Partly true. Should I tell him they were homeschooled too? I felt it better to wait this time. He likes History, so we got to share what Lydia has seen back East. We got her desk organized and almost lost Hadassah outside in the hallway in the process. I am sure he thought we were great parents!

Last but not least, my little Jay Jay. If I cry about anyone it will be him. My first grader has never been a school setting in his life. His class is a small mix of first and second graders. We felt the need to encourage his teacher because one mom was pretty upfront questioning exactly why her child was in a mixed class and how the teacher proposed to manage it. Seeing Ms ---- put on the spot, she handled it very well. It was a very valid question. Jason was nervous/excited. When we left the classroom to head home, he wanted to be in Daddy's arms. Oh.. my little boy.

Honestly I would have like Jason's teacher to be a bit more cheery (like Elizabeth's) but again..I am trusting they will suit each child just fine. Today, I went to the school and turned in our Volunteer papers/background check. I will kill me not to visit their classrooms often. I can't spend 6 years home educated my children then drop it completely. I hope to get together a bunch of scriptures and notes to put in the kids lunches. I CANT BELIEVE IT IS IN 3 DAYS!

What will I do with them gone? That will be another blog. I am ready to come up for air and collapse on the side of the pool... as my dear hubby said tonight. Besides Hadassah and Mordecai keeping me on my toes, I might find myself spacing staring at nothing.. in shock that my house is so quiet.

Oh, and I forgot to share: Elijah is taking three classes- Science, Language Arts and Social Studies. He will head off to school shortly after lunch. Or I will take him.

More to come friends. If you think of us.. pray!!! I desire God's best for all of us.


  1. I will be praying for you all. We moved to a new school this year and it was tough. My advice is just to not judge the year by the first day.

  2. of course we are praying! and the kids send hi's and hugs:) xo



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