Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{Part 6} Our Transition: Homeschool to Public School

If you are curious to how all this began you can read my intro post here ;-)

Oh my goodness... has my husband said tonight, "we have fallen further down the rabbit hole."
Of course I had to asked what he meant by that.!!!.... he was relating it to Alice and Wonderland: What will come next?!

I figured the best way to share more of our transition these past few days would be through pictures. My mind has been racing on what bits and pieces I should share.

First and foremost, for your information I DID NOT SHED A TEAR! (not that it makes me a better mom and it certainly doesn't mean i don't love my kids) It all went very well.. I think I was nervous and excited for them more than anything. The hardest part: taking Elijah to Middle School. It was just him and mom. Now that I think of it, I missed a perfect opportunity to pray with him. Lord forgive me! It was hard to see him walk down the hall (around huge kids!) to his class shortly after the bell rang.
Ok now I am crying.
 He is just a good kid.
Such a godly obedient son.

Well, let me share some pictures. It will help me sort my thoughts!
These were today.. dropping Elijah off

What are the biggest changes in this transition? The schedule. No more sleeping in! I also spend every evening putting together lunches and writing mommy love notes.
I love our family time in the morning now. So far the girls want to keep taking the bus in the morning. I am assume when the Oregon rain ceases to stop- they will change their minds.
Here a few sleepy snapshots of their VERY first morning..

The entire family dropped off Jason in 1st grade, Elizabeth in 3rd and Lydia in 5th to class Monday. Sean had his Daddy moments with Jason. He is very protective of his little boy and wanted to make sure he was FULLY encouraged in the Lord.
on our way!

 excited bee!

 serious nervous lydia!

 calm and collected jay
love the above picture!hehe


We haven't had any huge blunders.. yet. The kids are a little disappointed the haven't done much "learning".  Gotta love those homeschoolers :) Most of the time has been get to know you routines, rules , recess, music class, lunch.. ect.  The girls really wish they had recess and could sit together at lunch :(
They did say they heard a few bad words (to be expected) .. AND Jason told me "older kids are recess where showing people their middle finger." We made sure he knew that was not good behavior and it would be best not to be good friends with them.
All four kids have so many stories to tell mom an I love hearing each one!!! Boy, it takes work to make sure they don't talk over one another. Lydia was overjoyed today because she wants to try out for the school play. I get to sort through papers, check for homework, teacher notes and have all kinds of questions of my own.
Well, I am super tired tonight. They are fast asleep themselves... except for Hadassah.
Here are a few pictures of the girls riding the bus this morning. Adorable. (Jason was home because first graders have a staggered start!)

Thank you for praying for us. This is only the first week!


  1. YAH! So glad that they had a wonderful first week! We miss you guys very much. Belle has been asking for a time to see your girls.

  2. So glad things are going well...we are praying for a smooth and blessed transition for you all! Love, Shell

  3. What awesome adventures and wonderful memories! Go Buckout's!



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