Sunday, September 16, 2012

{Part 7} Honest Thoughts in this "Transition"

The kids are in bed. Our second Monday... the second week of Public School is ahead.
I need to be honest. I am not all happy-go-lucky about it all, but I do see God using it in our lives this year.

Some of my thoughts:

She was told if she needed anything she could see the school counselor and chat privately. Not even her parents would know. ( I am sure they make this available to kids who really need an adult to help them, esp in abusive situation or where parents are have a lack of involvement).  So what does she do? Makes an appt! Bless her heart. She got her feelings hurt over a "friend" being nice one day and not really including her the next.
Are these the social issues my kids need to learn? I don't think so.
I reassured her that she can talk to Mom about anything and it is important for kids to have a dependable adult in their life. Granted the counselor won't pray with her or encourage her in the Lord.
We'll see if the counselor responds.  I also encouraged her to seek others who are in need of a nice friend.
I am giving her time. If the emotional drama is too much.. I have no problem continuing to teach her at home. But.. this is not spoken out right. I don't want them to have an easy out. I know all my kids and they would take it!!!
Sean is going to attend her field trip next month. She is very much looking to her Daddy coming.

My bet was Elizabeth was going to say the words... "I don't want to go to school tomorrow!" Who was it??? Jason. :D His exhaustion catches up with him. I don't agree with every activity (I am keeping that private fore the sake of the teachers reputation) he has done in class but like said before- the structure and fellow classmates are good for him. I hope!

I don't really agree with the school system letting high schoolers on the bus with the younger kids. Word for word: "Mom, they act like toddlers!" How can rowdy, cussing high schoolers be beneficial to kindergartners and grade schoolers on the same bus??? A question from my oldest: "Mom, what is a douche bag?" They didn't want ride the bus home the next day and I picked them up. Friday day there were less big kids so the bus was pretty mellow. They were happy.

I am suppose to have Elijah at school 8:15am to take pictures tomorrow for a student body card. Yah right. I haven't felt the Middle School staff is being very organized with the homeschool thing, but they are trying. There are a handful of kids this year taking just a few classes. He even agreed being that he is half time no picture was needed.. we are skipping that. He can use his temporary card.

The final thought going through my day, which practically needs a blog on its own. GUILT.
I feel I am extremely accountable with my time now. One day and only one day last week I had two hours of quiet in the house. I felt so guilty for enjoying it I forced myself in a good way to get out my bible study and finish 4 lessons. Yes, I fell asleep with my pen in hand! Crazy to think that is exactly what my life was like 10 years ago, but believe me I HAD NO GUILT back then!!! I felt like super mom with my two children asleep, the house clean and a copy of Newsweek in my hand. No need for facebook to distract us... We wrote letters!

Well, it was nice to write this. I am not all peaches and cream about this transition. I am blessed by the work they are learning and looking forward to Open House on Wednesday.


Just for fun.. found these on the computer!

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  1. I enjoy the honesty of your blog JuRita and pray for your precious family often. Pray about teaching a rug making class for the Christmas Gift workshops. Blessings! Cindy



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