Wednesday, September 26, 2012

{Part 8} Is it worth the change??

PUBLIC SCHOOL- is it worth it for our family?

I say those words because I am not here to put down any family who attends Public School.. I am just starting to question if it is best for our family. Talk about a huge change. We were pretty much considered ourselves unschoolers within the homeschooling community, now -full blown public-schoolers.

Yes. Yes. I know it is only the third week. We are not going to quit, but I know this year will bring MUCHO MUCHO learning for all of us. It already has.

For one, let me say -the sanity has been necessity for me. I am learning how to be quiet before the Lord again. Our living circumstances are such, I felt the past 7 months I was being eaten alive. Satan was using the stress to tear me apart. The anger I saw pouring from my heart was awful.

I am not super Mom and I am not going to pretend I am. The stress of this last year was more than I have EVER experienced. So, for all you who think I am not embracing my "higher calling as a mom"...kapooie on you.  I know through this "public school experience" I will be more rich with understanding of who we are as a family (and others) and my children will have a better understanding what the world is like. NO I AM NOT THROWING THEM OUT TO THE WOLVES TO BE TORN APART. We are all walking through this together.

Of course with that being said: I STILL question wether it is worth it?

Yesterday afternoon was hard. Any schooling method is hard. Part of my study in James this week? - "quick to listen" "slow to speak" It is challenging to be a good listener when each child has a days worth of experiences without you. Then comes the spelling homework. I "get to" help three individual kiddos practice and learn new spelling words each week for homework. I am more than happy to be there for my kids, but after spending almost 7 hours in school.. really? My guess.. it is to prepare them for the homework load they will get in high school . Elijah and Lydia (my 5th and 6th graders) have been independent and motivated to get their homework done. I feel absolutely sorry for my 1st and 3rd grader!!! Their homework is practically what I accomplished for homeschool in one day! ha! Then (whoops on our part) they have swim lessons 2x a week this month. My tired kids.

I have already seen Jason's handwriting improve. He also going to get some one-on-one reading help. Because of moving 4 times the past two years, I did not spend consistant time with him.

Granted, this is where we are learning. They are persevering. We are being challenged. They now realize school work takes "work" and it doesn't mean if you finish you get to play the wii or watch tv for hours. We have done our best to eliminate tv all together during the week. Another positive- Hadassah, Mordecai and I are enjoying each other. She is turning into a little Mama's girl. Helping me with dishes, baking, and cleaning. She is also learning American Sign Language right along with me. I know she misses her siblings. She is a little cranky when they come home and take over the house....but it is so cute to see her greet them all with hugs!!

A BIG DEAL THIS WEEK: We had to report a bus incident  I can't go into details but another child was not keeping his hands off of Jason. We had to go to the principle, which in turn will require even looking at the bus video camera. As my sister said, "Welcome to public school!" So true. There are some very harsh realities and if everyday was like yesterday---I would be done. That is exactly when it is NOT worth it. 

As I see it, this transition is for this year alone, but then again- as the Lord wills. I pray we see Him face to face before that decision has to be made!

Jason's daily schedule

Elizabeth in her class at Open House 


  1.'ve all made it 3 weeks so far!! Way to go!! I am so sorry about the bus incident. Thank God there are finally cameras on the buses now, long, long over-due. Thanks for sharing your journey, reminds me to pray for this transition for your family!

  2. What an encouragement you are JuRita to all us Mamas out there that are barely hanging in there and trying to figure out what we are doing. Be strong in the Lord! Love that you guys are walking this out together as a family!

  3. Hi JuRita, I just want to encourage you to pray with another mom at your kids school, visit your kids at lunch, get to know the kids in their classes if you can, talk with the teachers about the amount of homework ( they should only get 10 minutes per grade ..1st 10, 2nd 20,...). I totally agree with you about our kids being gone all day than needing to do homework. I greatly dislike this. But anyways, whenever I have had a concern or problem talking with the teacher or teachers or principle greatly helped. God helped. The absolute best part of public school for us has been the kids we got to meet and invite over. Then the families! Such an opportunity to meet those who don't know Christ yet! I know God has a special plan for each of our families. So God bless you, comfort you, guide you, strengthen you, refresh, and give you peace on this special road he has you and your family. Love, Monica



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