Tuesday, October 16, 2012

{Part 10} Transition - Jason is back home

How funny. It only took ten posts for me to bring one of my kids back home. Just kidding.

I could go back and forth with all my kids. There are many pros and cons about our situation. I came to this point (like a said before) because our living quarters are very cramped and we all needed space. So public school is just for a season.

We took Jason out because his character needs more correcting than he could get at school. He had way too much time to say whatever -whenever.  After seeing his emotions change- his attitude toward his older siblings, outburst of tears when instructed to do something simple or just plain making up stories for attention... the poor kid was exhausted after a month of this public school routine.

We made it perfectly clear to the school and his teacher, it has nothing to do with the classroom or school itself.  They were more than willing to give him all the extra help he needed with reading, spelling and writing. I really appreciated this. We will be still attending his teacher conference this Thursday.

I do feel he needs to slow down a bit. The best reward he had from school was the structure. He now knows how to be still and write. Even has I type this, he is coloring quietly. Jason would never do this before because of all the activity in the house. Too, his handwriting and ability to copy work as grown. We are going to keep a good routine up with Homeschool, but add more flexibility with rest times, playtimes with his younger siblings, and limit any TV.  I fully believe that children need to enjoy learning and I can monitor this better with Jason at home.
He wanted to sew yesterday- so we did! I had him first practice on paper then he made two pillows. Today, we got together a binder to put all his completed work to show Dad for the day.

The hard part: ME.
I need to discipline myself to have patience and love with him. He is a busy, loud, active boy. If I was able to put him in half time, I probably would just because he can be exhausting.  This is were the Lord is going to work on my heart too. I had my no-homeschool- only correct my oldest sons math- me time- for a month. Now, I need to get my head back gear and see what best suites my little first grader!

With that thought. I am exhausted myself. Time for a warm cup of tea. ;) Oh, nevermind. Hadassah just woke up crying... and woke up Mordecai. It was a nice thought. ha!

love you Jason.

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  1. So much love in this post! Good job for trusting in the letting go and holding on.



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