Monday, October 29, 2012

{Part 11} Being Attentive

Jason has been doing much better these past two and half weeks.  We are settling into a good routine. Hadassah likes having her brother home. Since we started Public School she has been potty trained and is learning all kinds of new words (even sign language.. she is my little puppet!) As I type this she has managed to get up from not taking a nap and sit with her brother has he practices his spelling words online. Of course, I have to keep reminding her "this is quiet time.. shhhhhhhhh".

The major lesson (this past few weeks) in this transition to public school- being attentive to their needs. We are watching attitudes, emotions, and wether or not they are getting enough rest.  We are constantly watching what type of fruit this is producing in their lives.  Lydia is a lot like Jason and she challenges our authority. I have had thoughts of her being home again, but I am making sure I do not use this has a disciplinary threat. She is very dedicated student. Academically she is doing great, meeting new friends, and trying out for the school play. She needs to understand though her time with us is limited and she needs to step up and be mature with her attitude.  Elizabeth on the other hand- I have to ask how she is handling the change, if she likes school, and stay in communication. Her voice can go unnoticed and I don't want that to happen.

With that being said- I am thankful for school holidays (and our own-- they will not be attending on the 31st!) and the reality this Public School adventure only for one year. It is really opened my eyes to the schedule and life of many- if not most- American parents.

Oh, and Elijah is doing great. The entire process of getting to school on time, finishing his journals and managing his home responsibilities are very important life lessons! Dad just showed him how to upload and color one of his drawing on photoshop this week too. His art is amazing.

Speaking of schedule. Before our Thursday swim lessons last week, we squeezed in a quick walk down by Mary's River. We needed the change of pace- it is what we used to do with our evenings (without thought of "getting the kids in bed" "making lunches" "setting out clothes"). It is good to slow down and enjoy those little blessings God has given.

little mo!

enjoying their siblings

what a smolder! look out.

God is amazing.

self portraits these days.


throwing rocks

jason coloring a bible sheet with sister

elijah working on photoshop

Have a beautiful week.

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