Friday, October 5, 2012

{Part 9} Our Transition: What a week....

(If your are reading this for the first time or considering Public School, you can read my intro post here.)

Elijah is doing great. He has been doing a reading log. His choice: Lord of the Rings (again). He is pulling about 30-40 minutes a day, then summarizing it in a journal. Besides the reading he usually gets all his homework done at school. Math is still done at home with mom. Because our Oregon weather has been crazy warm, he is keeping up the bike riding unless the little one is awake and I can take him.

Lydia had a hard start of the week. She was frustrated a few times because she "wants more time to read what she wants to read!" (aka; all about squids. She wants to be a Marine Biologist.) By Wednesday though she loved school again. This week she was a lunch helper. Serving food and spraying off trays. She also got a new desk assignment and got to "move". We she was proud of her organizational skills, so it was easy for her. She was happy to sit by new people too. Tonight she was making homemade journals for a few friends. So sweet. The next big thing: swim lessons at a local pool for PE! (With our normal swim lessons 2x a week she will be wiped out for sure!) Another blessing this week: her class was picked to have a second grade "buddy". They read and spend time helping them with school work.

Elizabeth. Oh, my little Bee. Her highlight of this week: a new girl was going to be sitting next to her!  Elizabeth couldn't wait to be her friend and make her feel comfortable. This blessed my heart. All went well. The little girl expressed to Elizabeth that she was pretty, but she felt ugly. Elizabeth explained that true beauty is from the inside and loving God. Elizabeth has always been very sincere in her faith. I love it.

Jason! Jason! I love this boy. Honestly right now, I am considering Homeshooling him again. He was put in Title 1 (letter/ reading program), which I am fine with.. but I am going to be praying this weekend. I am afraid the influence and emotional toll on him is hard. He keeps thinking the school year is over (in excitement) whenever I mention the upcoming inservice days!
I know I am fully capable of teaching him how to read and learning his letters. I already bought his Math U See before he started school.
Can you please pray for me regarding him? I don't want to make an emotional decision, but I need discernment for what this little boy needs. He has been so exhausted and extremely emotional. He does need discipline right now and I almost think it would be better if I could stay on top of it all day long. (FYI: These ponderings are completely based on the needs of our son and don't reflect his teacher or lack of what he is learning.)

Welp. there you have it. This blog has been so good for me to let. it. go. and get if off my chest. And keep memories alive that I will soon forget!


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