Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What a Weird Night.

Last year in NC we bought a ton of candy, hid it in random places in the house and let the kids keep whatever they could find. Then we watched Gulliver's Travels (which was pretty lame).
Seriously were just trying to find our groove after 4 years of Dad running the "Harvest Carnival" at the Benton County Fairgrounds. No small event to say the least. It was a three day process in which we saw little of Dad and then the night of, we hoped to hang out and enjoy what took so much time to prepare. Every year I would dress up the kids, take their pictures, go to the carnival for about 4 hours, try to hang out with dad, and then get all the kids in bed patiently waiting for my husband to arrive home sometime after midnight.
Well, this year we were back in Oregon again and of course our children wanted to attend. The stayed home from school to avoid Halloween Overkill, dad worked from home (which I am positive he got a headache from the noise!), while I tried to stay sain keeping the house in order.
Thus, now I am trying to process the day with a glass of wine, candy and blogging. My poor husband in agony with now a what is a migraine.
My kids have never been trick or treating.. yes it is true. I cracked up with delight when we went to downtown businesses and I heard my oldest say 'trick or treat'...11 years old! ha!
We did one block. I was surprised how busy it got! Hadassah was adorable in an Indian outfit. Then, we headed to the Harvest Carnival.
Life will never be the same here in Corvallis, nor did I expect it to. I am very thankful for my husband new job and know it will have a great return for our future.
Tonight was weird though. Every time I go to church is weird. Or around 'those who used to know us' as Pastor Sean and his wife. Oh, wait it is Mr. Sean now.
The kids had fun. Most of the dissapointment came from the girls because they did not have horse rides. Which I tried my best to pre-warn them everything will not be the same. The huge Iron Man blowup slide made up for it though. Hadassah got to see the petting zoo too. I think we stayed about an hour.
About the weirdness- honestly, I am not offended.. but I think the reality is- people don't know what to say to us. Our conversation with many friendships used to be so surrounded with what we did in ministry not with who were were as people... it became our identity. So, to have us at an event that my husband "used to oversee", just didn't jive tonight. At least for me. I was ready to leave. I think we all were.
What did we do? Why not head up and do some more trick or treating in an actual neighborhood! My hubby's headache was worse, but he was willing for the kids. It was so cute to see them do what I did growing up. Racing from house to house. They managed to slow down a bit for Hadassah too.
I only wish I could have ended the evening cuddling my husband on the couch. Now, I need to make sure I pray for him. Pray this migraine doesn't end over the toliet. Poor guy.
As far has our tradition goes for Halloween. I think it might become trick or treating in decent neighborhoods. I am pretty sure our next one won't be spent in Corvallis. Unless, by a miracle of God we can find a bigger home (it is crazy expensive here to rent). I keep thinking someone will need us to house sit for the next year?! Any takers?
As far as my feeling go- I need to let them go. I want true friendship, not a million acquaintances  I want people who don't have ask how it is going, but know. Is that selfish? Someday.
I think the house is alseep.
Goodnight yall. "Happy Harvest"

  Please ignore the typos. I don't feel like rereading this six times! ;)

getting some candy from our local democrats

the kids before we headed out.

love you sean.


  1. you must frame this last photo. how beautiful you both are, inside and out! We are so excited for tonight! Our kids have plenty of trick or treat candy to share!

  2. Sorry I'm slow to reading your posts! I would so love to dive deeper into a friendship with you J! You're on my mind often, I say a little prayer for you guys when it happens :) I know this last couple years has been tough for you guys but I have a feeling God has something big in store for you! Press on and hold tight to HIS promises. Love you guys and miss you!



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