Sunday, November 4, 2012

Evening Thoughts and Chip Ross Hike

Outside my window...
It is black, but warm for an Oregon fall. Today it got up to 72 degrees. We took a beautiful hike a Chip Ross. Sean jokingly mentioned we brought the warm weather with us from North Carolina. Maybe.

I am thinking..
So very much. I have to tell my brain to stop, chill, and let the day end. I am happy my children are doing pretty good with the time change. I am hoping Lydia is not sick. She had a sore throat and wasn't feeling the best. You can tell from some the of the pictures below. Will Hadassah cry tonight? Cry even in bed with us? Will Mo get up to nurse more than 3 times? Probably.. comes with the territory.

I am thankful...
I am a sojourner in this world. A pilgrim waiting for my heavenly home. The song I hear on the radio which never fails to make my heart ache- "Take this world and give me Jesus.. I am not home yet..this is not were I belong." Love it. Just started writing out 1 Peter. And guess what? It is written to sojourners. God is good.

I am hearing...
Daddy telling Hadassah to go to bed. Can you believe we have six kids in a room and a loft? More on that later!

I am pondering...
What is next.

I am wondering...
what to type. brain is a slowly shutting down.

I am reading...
many many different ASL books. I did pick up the book called Almost Amish, but it was due back at the library before I could finish. Wasn't to shabby of a read.

I am hoping..
as many others for Gods provision. He is the God who provides. We are praying about our next journey and laying it all before Him. Did I get you curious? Good. Pray for us!

I am going..
were no mom has gone before! ha. Going to be done here in a second and play Jin Rummy with my husband.

I am smelling...
cool air and the occasional gas from my husband. haha

I am noticing...
How my kids are growing up at warp speed. Mordecai is 9 months in 14 days. Elizabeth is turning 8 this week. Elijah is almost as tall has me. I just bought size 12 jeans for Lydia. Jason is drinking tea. Hadassah is learning and understanding two languages.

I am remembering...
Where I was last year at this time. How we made another trip across the United States last December. Soon after, I learned what crying out in desperation to God really meant. Felt the pain of just wanting to know where I my family was going to lay their head. He is faithful and good.

Life in pictures.. from our hike..

we have had a book from the library about Usane Bolt.. can you tell

nice goodwill purchase :D

beautiful. we made it to the top no problemo

he went to sleep half way up... so cute.

love how you can see the family in my glasses!

jason found this cool frog. it was about half the size of a thumb.

on the way down!

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