Tuesday, November 6, 2012

{Part 12} Transition: Whoops! Wrong grade level!


Yes, it is true. We were talking at dinner a few nights ago and realized.. Oh, Elizabeth should actually be in the 2nd grade. Then, my husband did the math- the same for Lydia and Eljiah!

When we registered our children in Public School we went according to their homeschool level, not their age and put them one grade ahead! I am glad the school overlooked it.

They are not struggling, but the mommy in me would have liked it to be easy for them. Realistically it would have been TOO easy.

It is common for many homeschool moms, especially with their first child to start teaching them early. Often accompanied by fear of what others think- proof their child is learning. If not fear, excitement to be the best homeschool mom ever. I had both.

I confess though, I let Jason be Jason. He was four when I had Hadassah so I wasn't on top of all his color, number, shapes, phonics, ect. When he was attending public school last month, he was the only one of my children put in the correct grade level.. but according to their testing standards he was "well- below average".  Honestly, does it really matter?  My goal- my children delight in learning. If they do not find complete interest, maybe with math.. to make sure they persevere and try it daily. If it takes them a little longer to understand- that is ok.
Except for Elijah, we put our reading book down many times and didn't come back till the desire was strong. I learned with Lydia forcing her to read did more damage than good.  I think Lydia even taught Elizabeth many words.

With that being said- Jason is doing wonderful. School really gave him a solid idea of what a day full of learning can be. It helped me to realize what type of homeschool day he needs. For those of you that are curious, let me breakdown our "schedule" for you:

  • Print bible sheet from- calvarycurriculum.com/littleones.php  
  • Make a bible verse handwriting sheet from- handwritingworksheets.com
  • Hadassah and Jason color together while I read the bible story. We pray and they finish at their leisure.
  • Break time till I sense Jason needs to move on to Math.
  • Math U See - Two worksheets everyday. This usually fall into the same time as big brother is doing is Math. I have been keeping all of his finished work in a school binder. I think Jason takes pride in seeing all he has accomplished. He likes the hole puncher too ;)
  • Lunchtime (I have continued to make his lunch the night before with the girls. He just grabs it out of the refrigerator. I cannot express how helpful this has been! Sometimes he eats and shares it with Hadassah while we take Elijah to school or run errands.)
  • Afternoon- we complete one lesson in 100 Easy Lessons. Today we did lesson 31. He usually copies the entire story when we are done or words from a spelling list I have printed.
  • I use SpellingCity.com to also review words.
  • For now, no history, science, social studies.. just experience life!

If I can manage, I will read him any library book he chooses. I love this time. Especially if the two babies are napping. This might happen once a week. Today after we took dad a coffee,
I put the little ones to bed and jumped on the trampoline together. It is a sweet time I am thankful for.

I do miss having all my kids home. I am praying for Bee. She is having more friend drama than needed. If it becomes to stressful for her, she may be back home too. I pray everyday and trust in Gods purpose. He is helping to find his peace in the midst of many unknowns.

Well, I hope your schooling adventures are going well. I have been blessed and encouraged by many emails. I appreciate your comments. Be ENCOURAGED- you are doing a good job. Every family is different. Every year is different.

In Jesus,

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  1. Jurita ... I love your willingness to flex when needed and your sweet sensitivity to the unique way God created each of your kids...so lovely watching your family grow. It always warms my heart and increases my hope when I see what you all are up to...Love you guys!



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