Wednesday, November 14, 2012

{Part 13} Public School- to keep or not to keep..

To keep or not to keep them in school???- that is the question.

That is the question that has been rolling threw my mind this week.

The reason: Girl drama...

Is this what society claims my children are missing by being homeschooled??
Is this the socialization that is healthy for my girls?
Relationship problems when they are in grade school!?
Someday high school could give them their fill of it- I so don't think is necessary at this age...
but in a public school environment it is unavoidable.

My girls love to learn and they love to be challenged. If they could go to school (like their brother) for three hours in the afternoon-they would love it.

Two nights ago, Lydia was disappointed when I said no to something she wanted to do. Of course she was emotional, but in turn she brought up emotional things happening at school.
Elizabeth did the exact same thing last week. I realized this and thought- OK. I need to give this more thought.

It breaks my heart. Part of me wants to take them out immediately. Part of me wants to tell them how to handle it in a "fleshy reactionary manner".  Part of me absolutely knew I needed to admonish them in the Lord. The last thing I wanted to do was react wrongly.

When you hear your daughter(s) say- "___ steals everyones friends" Or "I didn't want to play a 'vampire' game, so I was alone." Or "So and so ignored me".. seeing their tears break your heart.

We had opportunity to talk about the Holy Spirit and how He dwells in them. They have the life of Christ in their lives and many others hearts are darkened.
My girls understand what true friendship is, unfortunately other little girls do not.  I encouraged them to take opportunity to see others in need and to not stop being a friend even though they were hurt.

They have had long lasting friendships at church and more importantly have been best friends with each other.  They don't take friendship lightly. They desire it, like all little girls.
I also made sure they both knew if these issues ever became too stressful- it will not be necessary for them to continue.
I tell them daily I am only phone call away, for any reason.

I wish I wasn't writing this blog. My girls don't want to quit school. Lydia is looking forward to field trips and Elizabeth her Colossal Squid Research Project.  But they do miss the rest homeschool brings. I have reassured them- Mom and Dad are praying. I have also asked them to pray.
Public school is not forever.
My biggest hangup- the size of our home. Eight people in 850 sqft.
Back to the drawing board we would go, if I had everyone home again. At this point, as the Lord wills. My next blog will be how we make things work in our small abode (with pictures)! It is quite humorous. I am amazed how God has refined my life. Both spiritually and materially.

When the time does come for them to be home, it will be a FACT: they will have a greater appreciation for homeschool and so will I.

To read more of our transition to Public School- Start Here.
Again, I thank you for your comments and emails.
Have a blessed weekend! We are almost there!

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  1. JuRita you are a warrior and a trooper! I have seen some of that on the soccer teams - funny games girls play (that really aren't so funny). I wish each one of them could understand how special they are and how special the other little girls are and act accordingly.



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