Sunday, December 9, 2012

December Moments "I like this one."

I haven't been blogging much lately.
-I have two little girls home now. More on that later ;)
But I do want to share these precious December moments.
Doesn't get any better than this...

Little Miss Hadassah has said her first complete sentence,  "I like this one." At times it is expressed with many different emotions.
I tried to catch it on video here, but was over come by Mordecai's 10 month old cuteness:

Because of our travels last winter we did not get to set up on own tree. This year we were going big.
9 ft. baby.
the kids chillin
mr. jo almost 12!
mr. jon 6 years
miss jane 8 years
my precious little one!
dad letting elizabeth have a go..

wagon ride!

our bi-mart tree stand did not cut it we had to support it to the ceiling.
more pictures to come...



  1. I love that it was big it had to be secured to the ceiling haha Go big or go home :)



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