Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012- the day after

The house is quiet. Sean took all the kiddos except Mordecai (who is napping) down to the library. My kids were overjoyed that Dad was going to let them stay for two hours! (except for Jason who always needs a little convincing)

When the house is quiet I either become very productive or my brain goes into a foggy confusion. Sean and I always joke, when we went on our 10 year anniversary in Kauai that we fumbled over our words, said them backwards, or just were completely out of it. There was no rush to life, which was much different than managing four kids who kept us on our toes.

So, as I recap our Christmas- I hope it makes some sense  I might be lulled to sleep by Mo's noise maker in the other room.

We had a delightful Buckout Christmas. We decided "why wait??" We surprised the kids and let them open their presents Christmas Eve. They were more than ready. It made for a very relaxed morning... coffee and all.

Last year we were house hunting like mad and were "house sitting" temporarily  We did not have our own decorations, tree, or home. It was hard for Mom and Dad. The kids on the other hand were very happy to be out of the van after such long road trip. They were blessed with presents anonymously from dear friends. Even got to play Elijah's wii that he won from a drawing contest. What I thought was going to be the worst Christmas ever.. has some very sweet memories.

Daily, I awake and contemplate where we have been and what God has taught us. A dear sister in the Lord brought us a goody basket recently, in our fellowship she spoke of God being her Defender. The conversation has been echoing in my mind ever since- God is my Defender. . While, my life does not make sense to many.. I am confident of God perfect plan. Pastor left his job, moved across the United States and back, they had their 6th baby and now (WHAT?) our considering we may settle again in NC?! "As the Lord wills we will go to such and such a city."  I never expected to live here almost a year, in a tiny apartment- but we are just starting to see the fruit. Fruit in Seans 'education' in web design and more importantly fruit in our character. This year has changed our family. God is molding us more into His image. It has been tough. I want to be thankful. .. more on that later!

So- Christmas Eve was a joy. Kids got each other presents. We found some great goodwill gifts for our kids. We spent some money- gifted to us- to purchase the girls (and boys) a much needed keyboard.. with headphones! We filled their stocking with little things and spent two hours christmas eve rejoicing. It is more blessed to give than to receive.

We spent the day relaxing, playing scrabble (thank you Grandma) and had my Mom over for dinner. Christmas day we promised the kids we would not ask them to clean- just pick up after themselves. I made Homemade Cinnamon Rolls and also managed a 5 1/2 mile run killing myself. It was pouring rain, which I loved, but.. let just say it was my first run in two weeks! Oh, i can't forget- Lydia also made a birthday cake for Jesus. We sang happy birthday to our Savior after dinner.

We hope you had a lovely Christmas!
I know many people send newsletters (we have in the past) but I hope to write a year in review on each of the kids soon!
Sending love,

And the HUGE photo recap!

finished blanket from mommy

stocking above the fire

look at those babies!!!!

Mordecai's first Christmas gift ever!


so difficult to get Hadassah to hold still.. found these LONG dresses for the girls. 
they loved them and have already put on ballet shows.

lydia wanted a type writer. i found one at goodwill the night before!
many girls and boys club newsletters have already been written.
I am sure i will be able to find a replacement tape on ebay!

jason cap gun that he has yet to put down since.

money from grandpa and grandma!

so happy for these little girls!



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