Sunday, December 2, 2012

our blissful 850 square feet home

{{Update- This is not our current home. We now live in 1120 sq ft.  Whoo hoo!  See Here.}}

The long awaited blog as come. After almost one year, I am ready to open the doors to our humble home. Surely not to impress or pat myself on the back- writing this blog is pure therapy.

Three years ago we lived here at our Adventure house at 3000 sqft, then at the Ministry house 2100 sqft, then two homes in NC one at 1000 sqft and the home we own at 1120 sqft (which sounds like heaven).. do you see somewhat of a progression? Well, now we are at 850 with six kids, "kind of" three room-no closet-one bathroom apartment. Ha!

These are a few pictures and comments for me to always remember this is not forever, right? Enjoy the peek into our lives. I find it amusing (when I am in a good mood) how we make it work. Tonight I will find it amusing to give you a picture tour.

oh, my lovely room. I close these black curtains as often as I can. This is the only "closet" in the house. Yes, this is the entire families shirt collection- 8 people! If we don't wear it we toss it. Did I mention my room does not have a ceiling? The rectangle home has vaulted ceilings our extend into the living toom.
The computer is Sean's office on the days he works from home. The pepsi can is positioned very nicely I might add... That was not a setup, just saw it. lol.

The opposite corner of my room.. or you may call it my "crafting corner."
Ikea chair only 24.99 at goodwill!

ah.. yess. the catch all bookshelfits nice -from only $40.. next to the computer.. for some reason I didn't take a picture of my desk. oh well. nuff said. 

And the kids room (right next door)- with a loft -you can't see. Elijah sleeps above this ceiling on a futon mattress. The kids all read upstairs till bedtime on a matt and bean bag chair.
We thought about getting new curtains, but why waste the money. They are very nice darkening curtains . Do you remember them Olivia.. its the same couch too?! :D 
As you can see in the picture: each child has their own clothes bin for other clothing items. I have given up trying to keep these organized. They put away their own clothes. Sometimes I will go through them and goodwill what they don't wear.

The kids are always changing where they sleep. The beds are an amazing contraption made by Sean which support the loft. Below you can see where little Mordecai sleeps with my homemade mobile/ blanket above him. No shame here people!!!! The pinterest world overdoes the need for perfect themed bedrooms. Most kids that visit our house think this room is the coolest thing ever. haha. Pictured you can also the see the laddar to the loft.

random toys. these pictures were after I picked up. it is never says in this much order. i promise.

This area/wall can bug me to pieces! Sean recently built a shoe shelf, which helps the need for digging for shoes and making a HUGE mess. This is their closet. I remind myself that we are mobile family and this dwelling is not forever. So I am forgoing a perfect organizing system! These two shelves from goodwill suited the purpose fine.
Tada! This is my "eat in kitchen." No dishwasher (erg.), but I am very thankful to the Lang family who bought an oven for us to use. We used a hotplate for the fist week or so living here. I meant to clean up my refrigerator before I took the picture below.. oh well. The bathroom door and our foyer you can see to the far left of picture.

Besides the coffee mugs above the stove- this is every eating dish I own.
Oh. my. goodness. How life has changed.

One final shot of the kitchen area. Hadassah getting into our "pantry". 
It is comical people! 
Give all glory to the Lord because only He sustains me. 
I scream every time i have to reorganize it. AHHHH!!! ;)

Why not put in a picture of Sean cooking what it does best? He loves frying anything.

Our lovely livingroom!! When it is clean- it is cozy. It never bugs me. Well, maybe when I have to move the rug back into place six times a day. I never thought I would enjoy black walls, but I have found they hide this huge TV wonderfully. The TV Elijah won from a drawing contest. Way to go JO!
The red couch we got on Craigslist for $60, the Lazyboy from my mama, and the brown swivel chair from Corvallis furniture $25. What would my children do on a rainy day without this brown "spinny chair"?! Oh, and I can't forget. The drawers on the dresser are my "linin closet" ;)
These pictures were actually taken many days later because I was hoping to have it picked up. It is opposite of the livingroom and it is impossible to keep clean unless the kids are out of the house. I am so thankful the owners let us use these brown hutches in the backround. One is full of toys, the other with Homeschool books, art supplies, puzzles, games and coloring books. The kids also have one drawer all to their own. They all have handled all of this beyond what I could have asked!
You can't tell the stool are green that Hadassah is sitting on.. but I got these cute ikea table and stools at goodwill for only $7.99. :D I knew I didn't have the space, but when we move they unscrew very nicely. Love ikea quaility too! Yes.. we still have two gerbils in the cage. :/ They are fun pets!

The other area that screams at me daily! Someone usually has the job of organizing this area 3x a day. The vacuum spot- next to the refrigerator. 
The door in the picture is were I find refuge and a moment of peace. It blocks out the noise with the fan on ;) The bathroom. One sink, shower, toliet and ramdom reading material. Pretty simple. 

There you have it folks. May I encourage you-- It is possible to downsize your life. I encourage you to try. It is healthy for the soul. We do have more stuff than we really need. Amen?

This season of our life will change us forever. My husband is learning a new career- for that I am incredible thankful. We have hopes of being in our own home again..No matter how much my flesh cries out, I submit to the Fathers timing. Our kids are troopers.. God has given them an adventurous heart through it all.

Peace and love,


  1. As you know, I'm envious of the simplicity. Is that wrong? The key is contentment in all struggle is learning to be content with much. Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to show the kids the beds...they will think it's awesome!

  2. I love this. We, too, have the same pattern within our life. We went from 2,000 sq ft down to 1800 and are now down to 1500. I see a pattern establishing too! :) And with each downsizing turn we have taken our family has grown by leaps and bounds. We grew from a family of 4 to 7 in our 1st house. In our 2nd we grew from 7 to 12 and now in our current house we have grown from 12 to 14. People continue to amuse me by their amazement we make this work. I never can really envision what we must look like to people and how our lifestyle must appear. For sheer curiosity I did the math and the 8 of you in your 850 ft come out to 106.25 sq ft per person. What will be the 14 of us comes out to 107.14. It's so much fun to peek in and view your life. It also finally gives me an idea of what we must look like to others and the ability to laugh at what we overcome each day. To see your life brings a familiarity with it and makes me smile at what I see. Strangely enough....I wouldn't change it right now. I know the day will come when it is time for change but, as of now, I have finally learned to embrace what we have even given instead of spending up this precious time always wishing it was different. I absolutely love the closeness and intimacy as a family we have developed. There is a unity between all of us that I don't ever want to dissipate. We have learned through tears, laugher, struggle and overcoming how to make it all work and how to not only work together but pull together in ways we'd never thought possible. We have also come to so appreciate each others company. And I have also come to absolutely love how simple it is and how easy it is to stay clean an in order. While it gets out of control fairly easily it is also just as easy to being back into order. Less truly is more, as it has allowed us to do the things we really love and want to focus on rather than being held back by material possessions and stuff. Thank you for the look into your life. I love seeing how others make it all work. And I love how our journeys have so parrallleled each others for the last little while. Enjoy your stay in your tiny little abode. It will not last forever and the memories and unity from this time in life will live on in the lives of your children infinitely. I always love reading and catching up with you!

  3. i think you do well with this amount of space, girl! the kitchen is great, and the living room IS cozy! xox

  4. You know me the local news and have them do a special on "how to downsize in America's economy today!" ha! Who knows you could earn some cash! Hopefully I can come out soon and make that square footage a little smaller per person!! love you, wendi

  5. Love this post....thanks so much for sharing:) And I love how you tell the prices and where you got your stuff USED from....I always do the same thing because a good deal impresses me, but I feel like I'm the only one ever doing it and a freak for, glad to have some company in that depertment!!

    Your little house looks great and you've done a nice job of making it's an art, I tell you, to cram so many people into such a little space and stay happily sane.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and I can't wait to read more on yours:)




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