Monday, December 17, 2012

{Part 14} One hard blog to write

My girls are back being "homeschooled".

I have struggled with for two weeks on how to approach writing this post.
I don't know if it is because I have had regrets letting them come home or possibly because I am that much busier.

I love my daughters dearly.  I wish I could tell you it has been pure joy to have them back home, but the "transition back home" has been harder on me than them. I am face to face with many of the reasons I had them in school in the first place.

The first week was hard. I struggled with questioning whether we made the right decision. We wanted them to finish the month of December, but Lydia (in tears) did not want to go back to school. Elizabeth on the other hand wanted to finish December, till Sunday night came and she realized her sister would be home.

I think they both realized that the honeymoon (so to speak) was over and at home they had much more flexibility with their schedules. Lydia did realize she would miss her friends and spent the first week home emailing a sweet little girlfriend daily. We went back to school to drop off books and both were showered with love from their classmates. It made me so sad. They were so loved! I wanted those reading my blog to realize this decision was not made because of my previous post about girl drama, (though in time I am sure that would have taken it's toll). It was more do to with the fact of the schedule.. get up and go go go. You have to realize that type of regimen has never been part of my children's life. I've made many homeschool schedules, but none of which required waking up my kids. Their energy ceases to amaze me. It was a necessity for them to learn!

Overall I have seen my girls succeed in a class setting. They have experienced what a typical child does daily. They understand what it will take for them to keep up on their education. Being home doesn't mean lying around all day.  There are plenty of challenges to be faced- with my character and theirs. I want to keep (at least for the next few months) focusing on the needs of Jason and Hadassah too. Seeing what Elizabeth and Lydia (age 8 and 10) can accomplish at school encourages me to have more seat work prepared for them, but also the flexibility to play with siblings, paint, sew, bake, craft...ect ect
Since Lydia has been home she has already started an animal journal with facts and drawings.

Jason (my 6 year old) behavior has declined since they have been home. Another thing wich has taken adjusting. He needs constant attention, discipline, and LOVE.

If I look at my responsibilities as a mom.. I am overwhelmed to my core. It is only by the mercy of God I can carry on.. I am brought to my knees. I thank Him for those quieter-less-stressful three months. I needed that time to "dig some wells" and let the Lord fill them water. I just pray they don't go dry too quickly!

Elijah is still going to Middle School! He passed the first round of a Geography Bee and will be competing next month for the school title.
Today was the first day he ask to stay home. He had a tiring weekend. I was open to him resting, but ask him to pray, ask the Lord if it would be a good thing. After some time he decided to go.

In fact, when I took him to school last week was when I heard about the shooting in CT.
I physically had to walk him into the building that day. When I got back to the van.. I cried. Cried for those families. The lump in my throat refused to go away all afternoon.
I was very thankful to have my younger kids back home.

Elementary school has a been a healthy experience for my family.. honestly with no regrets. The school district and staff were wonderful. Awkward as it may be for them to understand us...Its ok! I am used to being misunderstood. ;)

We ran into Elizabeth's teacher at the grocery store last week. We were delighted because she invited us to the class Christmas party! We will also be attending the school winter program. Lydia is excited to see her class and friends perform.

Whew. I guess the transition posts will not carry on.. maybe from time to time with Elijah. Or may write about my transition back to homeschooling again. (Lord help me... now that needs an entire blog of its own!)

Thanks for listening... I pray somehow it will encourage you!

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  1. This must've been why you have been so much on my heart. You are covered in prayer. I like your faith:) xo



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