Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Life in Pictures.. by Lydia B.

I explained in a previous post, I have no photos left on our Mac. Currently the camera's memory card full, but I am not quiet in the mood to download anything. (The kids just fell asleep and it is 9:16 pm. A quiet house is beautiful. ahhhh.. ) Anyways...Thought I would share these totally cute pictures from the eyes of our dear daughter Lydia!

We found a digital camera at goodwill for 5.99, of course- it did not work even after we bought a memory card for 12.99. She was very sad after waiting "a whole five days, mom!" :(
I was so happy to find the same camera on Amazon for 25.99 with shipping, minus my $20 giftcard.  She was so patient, but now FINALLY has a working camera. Total cost for her little Canon- $24.97! 
I do hope it lasts more than a year. :) And here 'some' of her first pictures..

i must say-this above picture is her favorite. 
she went out in the woods to study trees :)

right after I bleached the bathroom.. whew.

love his smile

the real me.

elijah is always trying to hide fro the camera

her she is! what a gal.

can you tell, dess LOVES posing.

elizabeth in the loft!

love you babe.

yummy yummy

boys tree fort

oh, isabelle.


more real-ness

Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you. Psalm 63:3

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  1. love this post!! The pictures are wonderful Lydia, thank you for sharing!



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