Monday, January 14, 2013

Our Mac Broke :( A Kernal Picnic.

Yes.  It is true. It finally kicked the bucket. We bought it 5 years ago.
Its called a "kernal panic". Lets call it our Kernal Picnic. Yuck.
If you see this, I am sorry because it might just happen to you-

Shout out to Ryan and his skills to help us install a new drive. "solid state drive" to be exact.
It beats buying an entirely new computer. Our cost $160.

We bought a Lacy Hard drive disk a few years back to keep all our photos on. The only problem: I had not updated since after Mordecai's birth! ahhhhh!!! Why?

I have learned my lesson. I have some photos on facebook, shutterfly and thankfully my blog to cover this years moments. I will miss a few videos, but I guess ignorance is bliss. What I don't know I had- I can't miss.
ha..till I remember!
I will miss those slice of life photos, especially of little Mo. :(

Its a strange thought that my iphoto at this moment does not have one photo in it. Weird.
As I type I am downloading Skype again.
Guess its time to stock up on Photo Booth pictures too.. I think we had over 800!

So, yet another reason why I haven't been blogging much in this new year. I realized the other night I tend to avoid the computer when Sean is doing work in the evening. I feel guilty for the kids sake when we have two parents on the computer at the same time.

I am going to be posting blog giveaway on a new book. Can't wait to share it with you. It is REALLY good.

Happy Monday to ya!

(Might as well add the VERY first photo on PhotoBooth.)
 What a CUTE baby. Almost one year old!!!

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