Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Year in Review -Buckout Style

What would a year be in our home, without a move or the birth of a new little blessing?!
Well for your information- I will not be pregnant again by the end of 2012 and we will not move again "till next year!". haha.

What an amazing year 2012- SELAH. Full of life, sorrow, tears, stress, HAPPINESS and JOY. God has been incredibly faithful to our family. Last year at this very moment we were turned away rental after rental after we moved back "home" to Oregon.  Finally, on January 5th or so.. dear friends of ours let us rent the apartment above their garage. What an adventure that has been. Read more of my lovely home here.

Sean, my dearest husband and best-est friend EVER, has spent the last year training in a new career in Web Design (aka Web Developer). How thankful we are for the body of Christ! It was through this, my husband was offered his new job. (Mr. Ryan and Jennifer at, we are so blessed and thankful for the time you have poured into training Sean. I am amazed at what he has learned this past year. We will continue to pray for your business and pray we can be a blessing in the process!) We all have enjoyed the flexibility of Seans new job. He was able to attend two of Elizabeth's School field trips this year and be available at home for appointments and such. Sean stays active by riding his bike 14 miles round trip from the office/ home daily. We both took swim lessons this fall, which was a fun experience! Oh, I CANNOT forget to mention- Sean takes Jason to the bathroom 2x a night, gets Hadassah her bottles 2x plus a night, and even brings me Mordecai to nurse! Sean -you are an awesome dedicated husband and father! I love you more than you know.

Elijah Jo, my first born. He is growing in inches and feet. He will be turning 12 next month. Reality- I will have a teenager in one year. Oh My!! Elijah has made many sacrifices this year. I am very proud of him. It has not been easy, but he never ceases to give me that "I need to give- you- a- hug- mom" smile. He is like a little Sean always taking care of his Mama. He is growing up to be quiet the young man. Mordecai has stolen his heart and he constantly entertained by his youngest sister. He is very willing to help in any way he can-even when he doesn't want too. I would say he loves to draw, but to better word it "He is a talented artist." Much of his money won from his drawing contest went to art supplies and he is always trying new techniques. Pen and paper are his favorite though. In the kitchen, he can make you Ramen, Jello or a fried egg. He loves gardening, like his dad and his growing in his ability to share his legos with his little brother!  Oh, this was the first year my boys have started wrestling like crazy. I knew it would happen eventually.

Lydia Joy, my eldest daughter made it into the double digits this year- 10 years old. Lydia is the most productive girl I know. You can find her making list upon list, crafting, sewing, playing piano, baking and reading in her free time. She finished the Mandi book series and started on few Nancy Drew books (but is very cautious with the titles-she does not like scary mysteries). She also has conquered baking the best biscotti ever. Dad has encouraged her to start a business someday called Lydi-Bitti Biscotti. I think because she such an endeaverous young lady, public school became exhausting.  She now loves the freedom again to experience and learn new projects without being stuck in the mundane. She impressed me with her diligence in public school working hard on every assignment. The most beautiful part of Lydia, she is understanding what it means to love the Lord and to know Him personally. She is also learning what is means to be the big sister in the family and is doing a wonderful job sacrificing her time to pour into the younger kids.

Elizabeth Jane. Oh, my dear Elizabeth, who just a few months ago turned 8.  She is a fun loving, simple, and sometimes very silly girl! YET what a young lady she is becoming! She has taken on the role of helping Mordecai. She is ready to change his diapers, babysit him and be the best big sister she can be. She also started piano lessons in the fall and accomplished her first Christmas recital. She managed to keep up with a public school schedule for three months and excelled in her mathematics. She learned to read this past year and now is writing her own amazing stories! I love Elizabeth's heart to have peace in our home. She always prays we would grow closer to Jesus has a family and never ceases to pray for those that do not know Him has their Savior. She will always be our "little Bee".

Jason Jon, what a handome little 6 year old boy he is.. Although if he knew I said "little" would be offended. This guy wants to be heard. I feel awful for how many times we tell him to "be quiet" in one day, but reality is our home would not be the same without his personality. He has so much energy and keeps me on my toes. He loves to spend any one on one time he can with any member of our family. Wether it is reading with Mom, wrestling or playing Legos with Elijah, Playmobils with Elizabeth, jumping on the trampoline with Lydia or catch with Dad! He is also an AWESOME big brother to Hadassah and Mordecai.  Jason is on the verge of reading and cruises through his math work daily. What can I say though- he loves chilin' on the couch watching a movie with his hands behind his head!

Hadassah Jean, my girly with the curlies is 2 1/2 years old! We look at her and Mordecai and are ever thankful for their lives. They are the two "we would have never had". Sean often says, "Look, Mom, those are your Texas Two!" Hadassah is a little princess of the home. Everyone of her siblings ceases to "try" meet her needs, but are realizing-yes she sometimes is a bossy two year old! Just this week, she discovered Fancy Nancy books. She loves to sing, dance, and put on shows of her own. Often you will find her quietly wrapping up her babies dolls or "nursing" them ;). Whenever she gets an owie, it will not be better until Mommy or Daddy kisses it! About six months ago, she started watching Signing Time videos and her language skills took off, along with learning ASL at the same time. She is full of expression with every word she speaks. I love it!

Mordecai Jude, will be one year old next month! Where as time gone? The meaning of his name "little man" proved true only for the first 3 months. I am convinced this boy will be a drummer. He loves to analyze all he touches and see if it makes any sound when hit. He loves to clap by making a fist and slapping the top of his hand. I am positive he will be walking by his birthday! Everyone of his brothers and sisters spends time with him daily. We all overflow with love for him.  Did I mention, he has the cutest little grin ever?

I am so excited to start a new year.
New beginnings.  New seasons.
What a joy it is to have fullness of life in Christ!
I am still running, crocheting, and blogging for Mommy time outlets, but I am constantly learning what it means to be a dedicated self- sacrificing mom. It is hard work, but worth every effort. I am looking forward to sharing all that God has in this upcoming year.
Stay posted- Our life is always full of adventure and laughter.

In Him,


  1. Precious. You guys are doing a great job. Love ya!

  2. Thanks for the great update. I know 2012 was a bit of a roller coaster for you guys. Thank goodness we know the master designer! Praying for you all to have a blessed 2013.

  3. Such a loving family! My kids won't leave me alone about having the Buckout's over again! By the way, I just saw that Elijah left Ben a sorry I missed that. Can't wait to catch up:) xo



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