Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Evening Moment

Outside my window..
the evening grows dark and the rain has come again. I remember being in North Carolina missing this type of night, but the grass is always greener because now I wouldn't mind some Carolina Sunshine!

I am thinking.. constantly.
We only have about 40 some days till we move. Boxes have returned to my life. I did not miss them one bit, but I must say I am happy to be able to pack them and get them out of the house. This is our first move we had the ability to put them in a trailer. My house will slowly grow empty which is much better than having all the brown boxes taking over my walls!
This is also our first move back in to a home which we have lived- that is exciting Buckout history for our family.

I am thankful.. for God's never ending faithfulness.
No matter how crazy my life seems.. after 13 years of marriage (on the 25th!), 6 beautiful children, I can finally say I am thankful for the 18 or so moves i have experienced. Maybe i have learned the hard way, but I KNOW this world is not my home. It is not about attaining the perfect country home or acreage.  Our life does not consist of the abundance of possessions. It is ok to be a family of eight and only own four glass dinner plates. It is ok to only own one vehicle. With simple things our family has learned to be content. My children understand what it means to hand wash dishes and are going to be thankful for a dishwasher again. They are excited to have more than one toilet again- so am I! Oh, the upcoming adventure that is ahead. (((deep breath))) I am thankful we serve a faithful God.

I am hearing..Daddy read library books to Jason and Elizabeth.
It has been a huge part of their homeschool. Learning about all the sights we will see. Everything from dessert animals to historical cultures. He loves living books that teach them about real life events. Right now it is something about arrowheads and ceremonial drinking cups. (An Indian Site we are going to see in Illinois.)
Dess is sleeping and Mordecai is crying. I am not "letting him cry for hours" I just laid him down.
In fact I have been up and down from this computer at least 10 times!

I am pondering.. what life will be like in 3 months time. It makes me smile.

I am reading.. A Nicholas Sparks book, Nights in Rodathe. I came across it when packing. I love how I can picture the area perfectly. I read a few of his books when I was back east. I actually have enjoyed reading a fiction book again.

I am hoping.. for a good nights sleep. Four straight hours is a miracle in this home ;)

I am wondering.. when I should give my notice at work. I clean house one day a week. Not to sure if I should work up till the time we move. It is good pay, but I am ready to be done.

On my mind.. bedtime. A quiet house. Oh the simple treasures, once the big treasures are asleep.

Life in pictures..
evening reading with big sister Lydia. 
these were so precious because he stayed down by her her for about 15 minutes

 lydia uses my camera more than i do these days, this was one of hadassah she took
and a glimpse of the sun in Oregon
that is part of our "apartment"

 these were actually taken by elizabeth. 
talk about real life..
 pictures coming down from the walls 
and me cooking with mo
had to take a picture of this. 
I have one with my brother from the 70's
here are my juice babies
sheepies from outside our window
! looking forward to passover next week!

gift from the hubby 
jason's eye

 no flu yet, but they did get colds this week.

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