Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pinterest Tanks! Love 'Em

If you can sew a strait line you can sew these tank tops.
I honestly can say this is the first piece of clothing I have ever made myself (that turned out!lol).
I must note- I think Sweet Verbena's tank top complements her figure better than mine, but I absolutely love how breathable these tops are!  They will be perfect for our Southern Roadtrip! Or.. maybe even a Maternity Tank?
I had so much fun making them- I made smaller sizes for my girls. Instead of about 30 inches wide, I made them about 20 inches. Hadassah's ended up being a little summer dress! ;D. SO CUTE. Anyways, here are the results.

On her tutorial she shows how to make the satin bow, 
I just found mine at a thrift store and bought the brown fabric remnant discounted for under $5.
And walla!

I converted this handmade dress to a top because
 I never wore it, but could never part with it because I love the pattern.

My girls I made from old sheets! I love up-cycling!
First I tried a crochet tie, but ended up using some more satin on the older girls. 
I think it was probably from an old robe tie! 

Speaking of Pinterest
I tried this bread-
I substituted agave for honey and added mini chips.
Don't think I will be making it again though.
I was too dense for my liking.
I think the agave gave it a weird smell too. :/
I don't know. Just wasn't my favorite. 
It did not go to waste. My kids will eat anything with chocolate. 

(thanks grandma for the long bread pan!)

yes, you do win some and lose some!
Happy Pinning!

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  1. Those tops are adorable, but your girls are even more beautiful!

  2. Sewing scares me but this makes it a little scary. Those tops all turned out so cute! Sorry about the bread. At least you got one winner!! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Sooo pretty!!! Sorry we missed you guys last vacations and family virus' have kept us out of commission:) let's try asap! xo

  4. LOVE those tops. I have a sewing machine that I've been scared to use, but I think I can do straight lines..and I love the crocheted straps!



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