Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Crochet Happenings

Crocheting is a great outlet for me.
I love trying new projects.
I love my new vintage suitcases which are now holding my gobs of yarn.
(I am refraining from purchasing more, but I never resist a gift of yarn from my mom or dad!)
My current crochet happenings.. that will be put on hold till after our move.

my not finished first chevron blanket!! a great way to use extra yarn
random colors.. why try to match??? makes it more fun!

made this coat for dessa last year, unfortunately by the time i finished -she grew of it. 
I am thinking about posting it in our etsy shop. It is a little too girly for mo!

Are not these cute!?
Hadassah LOVES her booties.
I have request from my older girls.

of course I made Mordecai's too small, but I am not selling these
Got the pattern from a public library book :)

want to know what happened to my crochet stool cover??
haha.. it stretched (a little!) now, is my groovy toilet seat cover.

Mo checking out Mommy's new finds!
Love these cases. They lock and are colorful. 
Also looked adorable stacked on top of each other! 
The third is not shown. It is much bigger and baby blue :)
My living room in North Carolina is calling them!

I might just bring some cotton yarn to make some wash clothes on the road ;)

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  1. Hi you! Love your projects! The slippers are adorable and the boots so cute! I have the boots on my to do list for my latest granbaby, Hadley. Crocheting is so therapeutic, isn't it? And great for the road! Helps me block out all the "extraneous noise" going on around me...
    Miss you Missy! Can't wait to follow you guys on the road again...



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