Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our Day, In a Nutshell

I loved having a productive day with my kids were I don't feel like a terrible mom.
I am not writing this to brag, but to encourage myself on those days when I wonder "what in the world did I even accomplish today?!"

Note to myself, today we-

  • Prayed together
  • Made a quick list of "to dos"
  • Morning Chores
  • Made gifts for Dads Birthday tomorrow
  • Went for a nice long walk with all the kiddos and two stollers. Told the kids they could only talk about what they see and what they could learn! ;)
  • Made Lunch
  • Covered two more states for our road trip- Flag, Flower and Bird (today was OK and TX) via videos and coloring sheets
  • Science Experiment- Diet Cola and Mentos.. that was outside fun. :)
  • Kids help move more boxes from the garage to the RV- a big productive chore!
  • Quiet reading time
  • Picked up my sick exhausted hubby from work
  • Played catch and baseball with my boys in the beautiful 70 degree sunshine
  • Made dinner 
  • Watched the younger kids put on a pirate show in the bedroom
  • Ate popcorn, cleaned up
  • Watched Amazing Race as a family 
  • Dad reads to Jason
  • Now the older three are quietly reading above (in the loft) two sleeping babies and one exhausted six year old. 
So, there ya go. We are a homeschool family.
God is good.  I am happy and thankful for all that was accomplished- even if not one school book was opened.
Now for some Mommy time..

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