Monday, April 1, 2013

Sock Bun Tutorial- SO EASY!

I did this last night on myself and LOVED IT.
Of course, as soon as my little girls woke up I tried it on them.
It worked the first try and they were delighted with the results.
If you wet the hair and put it up at night it makes bouncy curls.
I posted the two videos below where I got the idea from. :)
Love pinterest!
Pin it and pass it along. Your little girl(s) will have so much fun!

you can see by the breakfast, I tried it first thing ;)

For the bun-

For the curls- see here.
Have fun!

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  1. Seriously! I am going to have to try this JuRita! Did the one you do on yourself look as good as this? Did you wear it as a bun or did you wear it overnight for the curls? Thanks for sharing!

    1. So fun! I tried this today and it was great fun. I don't remember ever wearing a bun before because I never could figure it out. And when I took it out this evening it was full of curls. How very fun!!

    2. Yay!! Glad you liked it Jennifer. The curls didn't work on the girls bc i didn't let it dry long enough, but the still love it nonetheless. It is a great way to get our long hair out of our face without it falling down or our head getting sore from clip :)
      God bless you day!

  2. Very cute! My hair is super duper long, so I haven't gotten this to work on me yet, and I haven't tried hard enough either. ;) I think my little girl would really like this, too! Some cute Lilla Rose bobby pins or You-Pins would look adorable with it!

    Found you through Teach Me Tuesday!

    1. Hi Kristen!
      I can imagine it being hard with very long hair. Mine is long, but not thick which helps too. :) Thanks for visiting our blog!



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